Friday 3 September 2010

Chalk and Cheese!

As many of you will know I have a set of twin girls. They turned 3 in August and very much now have their own looks and personalities. In fact they have got to the age where people do not even realise I have twins any more (despite the fact that about 80% of the time they are either in the same outfit or the same but different colours - yes, I know. I did always say I would never do that, but until you have your twins you just do not know how you feel. I don't care if you think they look twee, it is so much easier to decide what they should wear in the morning and there is no guilt of giving one the best outfit). Anyway back to topic..

When you first have twins, all you hear from people in the street is 'double trouble' or 'you've got your hands full there' and I can remember groaning with other twin mummy friends saying 'can't people think of something original to say' and why do they have to stop me with 2 screaming babes, not one but two!! arrgghhh. You often get asked if your twins are identical and despite me assuring people that my girls are very different, I would still get the obligatory 'are you sure?'. Well, yes funny enough I birthed them and am their Mother!

Well, no one stops me now, as once the kids are not cooped up in a double buggy anymore, it is a lot harder to tell that they are twins, especially when one is a foot in front and the other is trailing a foot behind. So twin mummies, here is a note - enjoy the attention while you can, because once it is gone, you may just miss it! lol I did always feel incredibly special and lucky when people stopped me to tell me how beautiful my twins are or how well behaved and now that does not happen anymore - have they got more ugly or more naughty? no I sincerely hope not, just bigger and less obviously twins.

So here I am with two very different little ladies, let me introduce you to 'Chalk' first -

  • Also known as Miss E, Poppet, Popsey, LouLou and about 4 other variations of her real name
  • 97cm tall
  • Long glossy straight golden brown hair which is the envy of my friends - she looks like she has natural golden highlights
  • Slim body, chubby face. Age 3 clothes now
  • Took an age to learn to sleep through, was a very difficult babe to look after in the first few months
  • Could not take to breastfeeding and used to cry and scream and squeal and squirm. Until we found she had reflux and needed medication
  • Walked at 16 months
  • Goes to bed like a dream nowadays, needs her sleep
  • Sits back and watches at first, a bit of a reflector
  • Happy to be led and gives in easily against her siblings
  • Eats most anything with minimal fuss
  • Would prefer juice or squash
  • Generally a good little girl and if you start to count, she will come on 1
  • Mummy's girl
  • Happy to be left at nursery or creche, no crying
  • Can be very stubborn and determined in a quiet way
  • Gets frustrated as she keeps things in
  • Will sometimes try to push her luck and not listen
  • If she thinks she will get told off she will fib and say it was not her!
  • Keeps herself to herself, happy to play alone
  • If she is singing and dancing and you noticeably spot her, she will go all shy and stop
and her twin - Cheese (monster)

  • Miss M, also known as Pixie, Minx, May May, and about 3 derivatives of her real name
  • 101cm tall
  • firm, heavyset but slim body and slim elfin face, age 4-5 clothes
  • Pale white blond fine hair, with a slight kink, which is always a glorious mess
  • Slept through from about 8 weeks old, very easy baby to look after.
  • From about 8 months became a nightmare at bedtime, too active and excited to sleep!
  • Breastfed easily and then took to bottles well
  • Walked at 12 months
  • Wants to be in charge, bossing her twin and older brother
  • Daredevil - will try most things once
  • Tries her luck and will see how far she can push it. Have to be at 3 (last number) counting before she comes
  • Fussy about what she eats (not classic kiddie stuff) She loves pulses, beans, croissants, liver and all sorts of adult foods!
  • Would prefer water or milk
  • Daddy's girl
  • Cries when you leave her anywhere, as she wants me!
  • Gets her own way with her siblings and never seems frustrated
  • Will listen if she has been naughty, be honest and own up and takes it on board for next time
  • Very friendly and will talk to anyone. Happy to initiate conversations
  • Complete show off, dancing for you and then posing
  • Opinionated and stands her ground
  • Very nosey and a finger in every pie
So there they are, my little babes. Very different and yet they get on so well. People always ask why they are so different and I have to remind them that as fraternal twins they only share 50% of their genes. No more than either of them share with JJ. They just happened to reside in my tummy at the same time.

So what about your kiddies? poles apart or like mine - the same but different?