Monday 14 June 2010

My Poppet Keeps Scaring Me!

Dear Miss E,

Darling, do you not realise that you keep giving Mummy heart attacks? Thank goodness your Daddy has been here when you have been doing these things.

Come on, explain to Mummy. Do you have a very low pain threshold? Is this something Mummy should be worried about? Do I need to take you to the Doctors? Are you just a bit of a drama queen? (we all thought Miss M had that base covered).

Let me tell you that when you hurt yourself and then cry so hard that you hold your breath and then either pass out or fit it really terrifies me. You are my little poppet and Mummy hates to see you in pain. At least tonight you did not go not shock like last time, it was awful to see you white as a sheet but with red blotches across your body, cold sweaty head and eyes rolling behind your closed lids as you came in and out of consciousness.

It has now been 3 times that you have done these things and I must say I am temped to be a needy Mummy and to take you to the doctors later in the week when I am off work. Can it be normal for a little person to hurt themselves and to have such an adverse reaction?
I love you so much my babe, please stay well and stop doing this.

Mummy xxx

Anyone have experience of their little one passing out, fitting, going into shock when they hurt themselves and not particularly seriously? The kind of thing that just makes other kids cry. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Mich x