Saturday 5 June 2010

Getting it off my chest in a stolen moment!

That title really could mean something quite exciting couldn't it? If you popped over here hoping that I might be going topless and baring all then I have led you astray.

What I need to get off my chest is a grrr rather than my bra. Today it is just the girls and me and I have to say that life is infinitely easier with 2 kids than 3. Do not get me wrong I would not give up any one of my gorgeous babes but some days less is more, if you know what I mean?

We ventured into town to do some banking, birthday shopping and have a spot of lunch at John Lewis, well you know when the boys are away the girls will play! We had the chat in the car about how mummy needs the girls to stay close to her and not run away and how happy that will make mummy so happy. We then had the more effective conversation about how the girls could have an ice cream if they behaved whilst in town. No, I am not adverse to a bit of bribery.

There we were in John Lewis after our lunch and I thought I would browse the handbags, it must be that time of year again when I need a nice new bag. I was modelling a gorgeous hot pink one to myself in the mirror, when I turned to check where Miss E was and as I did Miss M took a handbag off the shelf and copied Mummy, having a look in the mirror. At that point, frosty old bi*ch assistant came over and asked me to kindly stop my children removing the bags from the shelf. I apologised and took the bag off Miss M to put back and the lady sternly told me 'I'll take that!'. I was so hurt by her tone and accusatory voice that I forgot to ask her if she thought shopping and parenting toddler twins was an easy task. We promptly left JL with me muttering about how we were not welcome. If only I had the energy to complain about her. The lovely £100 pink bag is back on the shelf in JL and they missed out on that purchase. I would not mind but at this point my girls were being angels.

I did learn today as well that even though they are female and my daughters there is only so much shopping that 2 year old girls want to partake in before they start playing hide and seek under the dress rails. Embarrassed in Monsoon - who me? never. I can not wait for the time when my babes want to have a girlie shopping day and we do it until we drop like I do with my Mum - bliss.

In all, for being out for about 4 1/2 hours the girls did really well. I got everything that I needed to, we had minimal whinging from Miss E, Miss M listened extremely well and we all enjoyed ourselves. I think the highlight for the girls was sitting on the lawn having their ice lolly, notice I said they had a lolly. I did not even feel deprived and I stayed away. At the moment I am feeling a real freedom from food obsession and it is wonderful, thank you Lord, long may it last.

So now I better end this stolen moment, I am tapping away in the front of my car on my driveway as the girls have fallen asleep in the car on our drive back from town. I do hope this does not put their bedtime out too much as my friend is coming over tonight for an Indian, DVD and general catch up - a perfect end to a good day.