Thursday 20 May 2010

Bad Medicine

I have been thinking a lot today about bad things that happen to us but turn out to have been for good. Not sure why this came to mind, perhaps because of my recent miscarriage. I am still waiting for the silver lining for that grey cloud.

I can think of a few incidents in my life where something has happened and I have been really unhappy and could not understand why it had to happened to me and then in time, perhaps days, weeks or even years I have become enlightened and understood that good had come out of the bad.

For instance when I was about 14 I was hanging about with a group of friends and having great fun but my behaviour, when I think back now was not the best and certainly was not honest and coherent with Christian values. Now do not get me wrong I was not doing anything illegal or anything too bad in the scheme of things but just silly kiddie stuff that does not make me proud nowadays. Someone that I had previously been hanging around with and still sat next to in class called my Mum and Dad and told them what I had been up to and said that I had a diary. My parents read my diary and boy did I get grounded for a long time. At the time I was so cross with that so called friend who dobbed me in (great expression hey?) I can remember being horrid to her after and probably gossiped about her at school but within a couple of years I knew that what she had done was probably the kindest and most selfless thing any real friend could do. She saved me from myself and the unhealthy path I was choosing to take. I have tried to track this friend down a couple of times in the last 10 years or so but with no luck. Shame, I would love to say thanks and sorry for any hurt I caused.

I can think of other similar instances in my life too and I am so pleased that I can recognise these bad times as a time of growth and change. Life is all about change and it is important that we embrace that change and go with it.

Some of the bad times that have led to good things are -
- being told by a primary school teacher that I would never make anything of my life as I had poor handwriting!
- a car crash
- calling off my wedding and planning to spilt with my finance (now dh)
- having bells palsy and half my face being paralysed for months
- not getting a job

...and I am sure there are loads more. Life is very much about ups and downs and it is often your attitude and approach to those changes that dictate your happiness. Many people would assume I have led a completely blessed life and that nothing bad has ever really happened but actually it might just be that I have taken after my Dad and learn to deal with things pretty well.

What about you? Have you ever thought about the down times as those where you have learnt, grown or changed direction? There is food for thought for you...

and now because I can not resist, I leave you with some Bon Jovi singing Bad Medicine.