Thursday 22 April 2010

Little things lift my spirit, well done JJ!

I am feeling very happy with my big boy right now. We have been doing some serious work over the last couple of weeks to try and restore him to the kind, considerate and polite little boy that he once was. Somewhere in the last year or so he had lost the ability to say 'please' and had totally forgotten that 'Thank you' was part of his vocabulary. It also appeared in 'World JJ' to be OK to argue with and correct your parents. To say I had had enough of this was an understatement!

So the work started, without the word please, whatever he had asked for was denied for at least an hour - that sure had the desired effect and we also had some frank conversations about respect and how lucky he was with all the days out and treats he received. Daddy got quite cross and explained that not everything in life was for fun and that some things were serious, like the swim lessons he starts tomorrow. In fact Daddy told him that if he did not take the swim lessons seriously any fun clubs that he normally attends would be cancelled until the end of summer and dh meant it!

Anyway enough of what we have been doing, the reason I feel so lifted today is that I have been starting to see the pay back over the last couple of days.

Yesterday at bedtime Miss M realised she had left her black dolly (her favourite) at nursery and that she could not go to bed with her. In comes JJ with his Butlins bear and consoles her that she can borrow him. Then before Miss E has time to whine about it (and you know she would have) in he comes again to the girls bedroom with his Haven bear for her. Two calm and happy young ladies and one boy with a big kiss from Mummy.

Then today when I picked him up from school I went to see his teacher, she is covering and does not really know JJ. His normal teacher is stuck in Oz with all these flight delays. I tell her that JJ has a chart normally to monitor is calling out and talking out of turn and how has he been this week and she tells me he has been great, no problem at all. Wow, what a change, normally after 2 weeks off and being spoilt seeing Nanny, going on holiday etc he comes back a nightmare, live-wired and without the ability to calm down and take turns etc. This time is different! yay

Lastly today he has a little friend round and I offer the biscuits and he says 'you can choose first Charlotte'. Completely unheard of, I was gob-smacked and he got a lot of praise.

So a big well done to my gorgeous young man. You make Mummy very happy. xx