Tuesday 6 April 2010

Howdy, Lent is over

Hey all, How are you? Have you missed me? naahh I know your life is very busy.

I have not returned to blogging with any witty post that I have been thinking up over the last 6 weeks I am afraid. I have just come back as me, sentimental old fool that I am. Before I took my Lent break I was getting very tied up in this blogging lark. The ugly competitive side of me had come out and I was worrying about how many people followed my blog, who liked me and who didn't. Should I be on Twitter each day? How do I improve my readership? How many blogs am I subscribed to? etc etc. The resulting obsessed Mich was not really a person I liked too much.

So here I am back with a sound mind again. Blogging is something I will do when I feel like it and primarily I do it for me and any close family and friends who know me and like to keep up with our family's life. If I gain some new friends along my blogging journey that is wonderful but no longer will I be a 'comments whore', someone out for acknowledgment or affirmation of every little thing they write.

I am sure I must have said before that I hold no secret desire to be a writer and therefore there is no reason why I need a big readership of this blog. I have to love me for being me and not because people think my blog is good enough to be on their list. At my ED group they always talk about 'other people's opinions of me being no business of mine' and that is so right and I will do well to remember it.

So my 6 weeks absence has been far easier than I thought it would be. The first couple of weeks were very hard and I admit I did leave 1 comment and log onto my blog 2 or 3 times to see if I had any new followers - yes sad I know! but the last 4 weeks or so have been pretty easy and I have really enjoyed the extra time with my kids and hubbie. So that has affirmed to me my decision to blog when I want to and not when I feel I should. It was only yesterday evening that i realised that Lent was over and I could blog if I wanted and as you can see I did not run to the PC and post. I decided to enjoy a DVD with my man instead.

Some great stuff has been going on for me and the family the last few weeks and I will post more about that another time. My marriage course is over now and that has been an amazing experience and has definitely bought dh and I closer. I also have some preoccupying news which I will share soon.