Tuesday 9 February 2010

Chasing Rainbows

God painted you a rainbow
the day that you received
His gift of love and hope and peace
the hour you first believed.

Just cling on to that rainbow
and hold his promise near
His joy will always be with you
to dry up every tear.

Each step along the journey
You'll have his hand to hold
keep your eyes fixed on that rainbow
until you reach the gold.

I was blown away when I heard this, it felt like such a powerful poem, written by a friend from Church. I knew instantly I had to share it with more people. My friend has such a talent and writes numerous poems, some simple and and beautiful like this and others wordy and complex. What do you think - does it appeal to non Christians too?

Last night I was very blessed to listen to someone do a talk on Chasing Rainbows. In a Christian context the rainbow is a sign of God's promises and it is something beautiful and positive. The talk was very much what I needed to hear and it reminded me that God has a plan for me and that all will be revealed in His time. He gives His gifts/ or fulfils His promises at the right time not at the time we believe is right. Sometimes we go through hardships or growing pains to be ready to receive the gift and sometimes it comes quickly. The knack is not to lose sight of the rainbow.

We were reminded that too many people focus on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when what we should do is enjoy each part of the rainbow and every day can be a blessing when you live in that moment and take time to look around you. I took this on board this morning and had a swim before work and I really enjoyed feeling my arms coming in and out of the water, listening to my calm breathing and feeling the wet on my face. The sun was glistening through the window and for those 30 minutes I had my own little slice of heaven right there in the pool surrounded by people, who to me did not exist as I was just chatting to God and enjoying 'our' time.

The last thing said to us last night was 'Every grey cloud contains the promise of a rainbow'. How inspiring and psoitive is that?