Thursday 28 January 2010

Potty Training - yay!

Well I did not think I would be posting about successful potty training in the middle of our cold winter! After the failed attempt with Miss M in October I assumed I would leave things until Spring and the better weather but like always my girls have their own ideas!

Over Xmas and the snow we stayed in lots and the girls just got used to using their potty's and sorting themselves out. So when nursery told me two weeks ago that they had been using the potty and toilet I was not surprised. Nursery suggested they would like them out of nappies as soon as I was ready. errr never! So off they went to nursery with their knickers and from 8am - 5.15pm Miss M had no accidents and Miss E just got a bit wet as she attempted to use the potty. The Wednesday morning there were no accidents and this week Monday they were both dry and clean from 8am - bedtime with no nappies and no accidents. Yay we are getting somewhere.

Like with everything they are chalk and cheese, Miss E likes the potty and Miss M wants to be a big girl and use the toilet. E has no interest in hand washing and M has an overactive interest (read soap everywhere and covered in water!).

So when I collected them from nursery at 1pm on Weds and there had been no accidents, I decided I could not stall their development any more and Mummy just had to be a big girl and accept they were ready. We drove to the the shops, shopped, collected JJ from school and went to Wild Wednesday (a church based club) and back home to see Daddy - all with no accidents. Well done my big girls!

Any tips for those of you having to embark on this soon? not really, just what I always say. Trust your mummy instincts, you know best for your little one. Read a book if it makes you feel better and give their method a go but if something does not sit right with you - adapt it. Do not worry, stay calm and stress free and your kiddies will follow. For about the last 4 months my girls have been between knickers, pull ups and nappies and it has not confused them or scared them like many authors warn.

Just go with the flow......