Sunday 27 September 2009

I'm here, I'm OK!

Hey all, Sorry not to be blogging much. I am totally busy at the moment. I am enjoying it though, it is nice things - like my Mum being here to visit for 5 days, doing stuff for the PTA, playing with the kids, doing a boot sale, washing the car - Ok maybe not all enjoyable! lol but real life!

I weighed on Thursday and I was 15st 10lb or was it 9lb - I can not even remember now, but I know it was a loss and I was very chuffed. My having a food sponsor is helping me alot, making me think things through and helping me to realise the importance of 3 meals a day and life in between. It is a complete retraining of the mind to move from small meals and healthy snacks as taught by diet clubs to 3 large meals per day and being free of food obsessing in between. I have not actually made a pure day with just 3 meals yet but very close, so I am confident it will come soon.

I am so open to handing over my problems, troubles and decisions to God that the miracle of abstinence must be close. I bet I sound like a religious nutter to anyone who reads this and does not know me very well and in fact I wonder what one of my best friends (on the other side of the world) thinks of my faith and how much I chat about it on here. As the last time we saw each other I had only been a Christian for a few months and it certainly did not guide my life and decisions in the way it does now. I think I am a far nicer person for being a Christian, less critical, less judgemental and more forgiving...... but there is a long way to go and soon I will have to do the step 4 inventory and write my life story, detailing all those people I have done wrong to. Very scary stuff!!! Even more scary I then have to actually tell someone else about it and hand it all over to God and then go and make physical amends to those people. Not ready to take that step yet but I am confident I will get there.