Monday 11 May 2009

Week 2 update

Well I have been a busy lady and have neglected to update my blog for a few days. I had Mum staying and then went back with her to see Dad for the weekend. I have had a lovely time with them and we got loads done at my home - cleaning, washing curtains, scrubbing windows, doing the garden etc etc

Last Thursday was my 2 week weigh in and I have to report that I lost no weight! but I am fine with that (really) as I do feel I am making some progress in regards to sorting my head out. My ED meetings have been going well, I am enjoying the fellowship and sharing, as well as the dedicated time to think about myself and not feel selfish. I am working step 1 at the moment and am being very honest with myself.

I am having good days and not so good days, but no real BAD days. There have been no major binges and no completely self destructive behaviour but I have succumbed to chocolate and other nice things.

I am feeling really good today, having been and done some aqua aerobics in my lunch break. My clothes definitely feel looser and I feel more confident and dare I say it, sexy - watch out dh!