Saturday 23 May 2009


Just realised I have not blogged for a few days and do not really have the mental energy to do it now but I do miss you!

All is well here, went out last night and got very pissed - great night with dh! and Mum is here today so we have entertained the kids and been to the park, as well as doing lots of gardening jobs - so feel quite satisfied. Will finish the garden tomorrow and perhaps even wash the car.

My meeting was good on Thursday but being my first day of my period I am in pain and my resistance is low. I am actually going out in a minute to buy chocolate and will wake in the morning and try again. One day it will work and I will be abstinent.

Kids are all in a lovely phase at the moment, or it could just be that I am appreciating them more since deciding to hold my anger. M has a big thing about running up to me at the moment and shouting 'uddles' and I get a huge hug. E has discovered pigtails and looks like the prettiest 22 month old ever to live and JJ is just so grown up and such good fun to be around.

Right off to relax with a mag, catch you soon.