Sunday 5 April 2009

Grace in small things

I have stumbled across this website (sorry I am not clever enough to know how to add that as a one word link!) and I think it is a lovely idea. It does not appear to be a Christian website but it certainly has the right ethos. So here is 5 things for today -

1. My porridge for brekkie was delicious
2. The sun is shining
3. I am off to church in a moment
4. My Mum is here to stay for a few days
5. Adam has said we can have an extension to the house! yippie!

That was easy - expect a few more of these and I challenge you, come on - find grace in 5 small things each day.

Ever watched the film/ read the book - Polyanna? Where she plays the glad game and even when things are bad, she can always find something positive that she should be glad of. Same kind of concept really.

I am all shiney today - the world is a great place! SMILE