Friday 27 March 2009

What a great age

The girls are just at such a gorgeous age at the moment. They are between 20 - 21 months. So well into toddlerhood and certainly not babies any more but there are still times when all they need is for Mummy or Daddy to give them a big hug.

It is the little things that amaze me and have A and I staring at each other as if to say Wow, both with big grins on our faces. When E is crying (she has a habit of having stuff stolen off her by M, or stumbling and falling) M will toddler over to her and give her a pat and say 'ahhh', if E is really lucky she might even get offered M's dummy - such love!

E is my little tidy up queen, she has been learning well off Mummy. Whenever they finish with a plate, cup etc she brings it to the kitchen and chucks it through the stair gate at me, lol lucky everything is plastic at this stage.

Being the organised sort I am, I bring down clothes for all the kids the night before, to make our mornings easy. Mostly I remove the hangers and they are just nicely laid out. A couple of mornings ago I had not done this and I found M hanging the clothes up on the large radiator in the dining room. Again another mimic of Mummy; when there are clothes that can not tumble dry I hang them there to dry. Seeing me she shouts 'da dar' and gives herself a big clap.