Wednesday 25 March 2009

Twiglets - arrgghh!

Well I had yet again decided that this morning would be the start of my diet/ healthy eating - call it what you will!

So I had been good for breakfast just having some cereal. Then I got to work and wanted to snack - like I always do. I had taken some twiglets into work with me, expecting to eat the pack over a few days, it was a large 150g pack. So I am munching and munching and boy are they morish. I look down and practically the whole bag has gone, so thinking whoops, I look at the calorific content - OMG! they have 96 cals per 25g serving, so I had eaten nearly 6 times that and about 550 calories.

Hence diet out of the window yet again! It just goes to show that even things you might think are OK, are not.

Learning for the day: no more twiglets for me.