Thursday 26 March 2009

Shall I do something radical?

Now doesn't that sound an interesting title? lol Well before you get your hopes up, remember this is just me and I am not too radical or outrageous at all. I think middle of the road sums me up OK.

No the radical thing I was referring to was a diet (yes I know I am currently a diet bore - my life really does focus around food! - hence the fat!)

I really do not seem to be able to control myself, so something has to give and there needs to be a big change. I am thinking along the lines of doing a meal replacemnt diet for a couple of weeks. I did this with the Cambridge diet back in 2006 before I got Bells Palsy and I lost 2 stone in about 2 months. I am not thinking of doing this long term, just maybe a short sharp shock to the system to break my habit with food.

Or my other option seems to be going to something like Overeaters Anonymous but that seems a very scary prospect. Think I will ponder on this for a couple of days and see what comes to me.