Tuesday 24 March 2009

Please Lord give me some self-control.......

OK, what is wrong with me? Why is it that when it comes to food I just have zero self-control. I just seem to sabotage any diet that I go on. I know many people would say to dump the word diet and to just move to healthy eating as a way of life and that is what I want to do. I am not following any of these strange or excessive meal replacement diets or such. I am eating real food at each meal and very often my meals are great calorie wise. It is the in between those meals times that it all goes to pot!

I am drinking much more water but often I still feel hungry. Or to be honest it might not be that I actually feel hungry, just that I am bored, feeling down, tired or such. I have definately identifed a problem in that I eat to try and change my emotional state. LogicallyI know this does not work but I do not seem to have the strength to change it. I get so tired sometimes - like now but that is what comes of a couple of late nights and early morning, then a workout at the gym at 6.45am this morning.

I am pleased I have joiend the gym and am gettign out exercising a few times a week. I think I just need to understadn that this transition period may be a bit hard. Hopefully in a months time I will be exercising more, enjoying it and also feeling more in control of my eatign habits.

Let the weight loss commence....................... and then I can be a great role model to my kids and help them to stay fit and healthy - never suffering the pain of being fat and taunted for it.