Tuesday 31 March 2009

Feeling good today

It is just gone 1pm and I am at work (yep should not be on here! lol) but I am feeling good so thought I must just get this on here in case anyone is reading and they have come to the conclusion that I really am a miserable old cow (all I do is moan on here).

I left the house at 6.30am this morning and was at the gym shortly after that - I did about a 45 minute workout and was sufficently sweaty at the end of it to know it had done its' job! I have been great foodwise so far today and consumed loads of water - as my hundreds of trips to the loo will verify.

So I pray I keep this up today and just take one day at a time and celebrate each little success. Someone recently told me that if you had a vase of beautiful flowers and one died that you would not bin them all, you would just chuck out the dead one. I agreed - they then asked why did I give up my diet each time I had a small set-back. So I must rememebr that one small set back is not the end and DEFINATLY NOT an excuse for me to pig out!