Saturday, 2 June 2018

Bio-degradable Pads now Available in your Teens Bettybox

Back in November my girls were sent a Bettybox each to try and review. We all absolutely loved the concept of a monthly subscription box that the girls can receive that contains all their sanitary requirements for the month but also has wonderful pick-me-up treats for that time of month. We all agreed that we probably couldn't afford to buy two boxes a month, every month but that they make wonderful treats every now and then. The classic Bettybox is £12.99 including delivery when you order as a one-off, £11.99 a month when you sign up for 3 months and you get one month free when you sign up for 6 months.

I was interested to hear recently that there is now also a pick and mix box, available for £5.99 a month. This is a no frills box were your young girl can choose up to 25 Bettypads that suit her and her period flow. Bettypads are a new product just launched by Betty and I'm so pleased to hear they are made from bio-degradable materials and packaging. The pad itself has an absorbent 100% organic cotton inner and a silky soft bamboo cover.

There are sizes to fit every girl (aged 8 - 16 years) and they are easily numbered 1 to 4, along with liners and nighttime pads too. The size is marked on the tab that holds the wrapper closed and that makes it very easy to know which pad is which. The small pads look so tiny to me but then of course when I think about my young girls body size, it is right for the pads to be much more petite than I wear. There is even a guide on the website to help you decide which sizes to order the first time you are choosing. All the pads have wings to keep them in place and allow your daughter to have confidence that the pad isn't going anywhere.

As well as the pads there are also wipes you can choose and this may help your daughter to feel fresh and comfortable when she is having to use public toilets and she doesn't know if there will be a stock of toilet roll there. The idea of the pick and mix box is that you don't need to go out and buy 3 or 4 different products as all your daughters needs will be met with the one box. Pads for the day, night-pads for bedtime, liners for the end of the period when the flow has practically stopped and wipes if those suit her.

I'm really behind Betty as a brand as they are making it the norm to be able to talk about periods and to be empowered to chose exactly what you need. The messages on all the packaging are positive and encouraging and you see slogans such as 'It's perfectly natural' and 'Happy, tried, sad? All at once?'

There is also loads of great information on the Betty web-pages and your daughter can find trustworthy answers to all the questions she may have, presented in a way that talks to tweens and teens. Can I exercise whilst on my period? Will my period hurt? and what should my period look like? are all there for her to check out and feel reassured. Of course you'll be reassured too as she has a good resource to turn to when she doesn't fancy listening to mums explanation. Yes, it hurts but we all now our teenage daughters sometimes just want the answers from other sources but us!

I thought you'd like a peek in the Bettybox that my girls received too, in case you haven't seen one before.  You get a box of pads/ tampons of your choice for now in a pretty little pouch to put in your bag, more for later and heavier duty ones for nighttime. Then you also get the fabulous yellow 'for you' box and this is the one with the treats in it.

Here are the treats the girls received. Two Stabilo PointMax pens, a Vintage Cosmetics Company rose gold blemish wand, a Trifle Cosmetics lip parfait, 3 little pink plastic hair scrunchies, a small Amie face wash sample, a coconut and cranberry teabag and a packet of Ape coconut treats. The value of just the first three products I mentioned is £23.50 and of course you have the others, the fabric bag and the sanitary goods, so the £12.99 really isn't a big price to pay. My girls are even thinking to put some of their pocket money towards a box each month as they love the surprise treats so much.

We also loved our Pink Parcel box that we received. 

Disclosure: Thanks so much for the Bettyboxes and pick and mix boxes that we received free of charge for the purpose of writing this post. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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