Monday, 10 July 2017

My Beautiful Mane - Where I find My Confidence

I think it is fair to say that every one of us has something about ourselves that we love or at least like. That character or feature is often the thing that gives us confidence and we can connect our identity with it.

Take me for example, my feature that I love is my hair. I've always thought of it as my mane and my crowning glory. I'm pretty sure if someone was trying to visually describe me to someone else who vaguely knew me I'd be the larger/ big/ fat (whatever word they might choose) with the beautiful blond hair.

As someone who is very aware of being quite overweight I am super glad to have my hair as a feature I can rely on and I never feel too fat for my hair. It is naturally blond and yes it has grown a lot darker as I've got older but I think forever more I will insist that I am blond even if others think I now have light brown hair <insert sad face>.

My hair is also pretty thick and has a gorgeous natural curl to it. Let me share with you one of my favourite pictures taken in recent years. That is me (the blond one!) with my lovely friend Clare in 2015 at the BritMums blogging conference and you can see just how happy and confident I feel there.

I often wonder what I'd do if something happened to my hair. It has changed each time I've been pregnant and realistically as I approach the menopause and more hormonal variations it could change again. Maybe even thin or fall out and I know that wouldn't be easy for me to deal with, in the same way I found it incredibly hard when I first lost my smile.

I've known so many friends who have had cancer and sadly lost their hair on their head, their eyebrows and of course in other places due to the treatment that has been necessary to beat the cancer and without doubt being well and alive is the most important thing but I know at least a couple of them have really missed their hair, as trivial as that may seem to some people.

I wonder how difficult it must be for men who have a full head of hair as a younger man and then start to experience premature receding hair or one of my cousins started to lose his hair due to stress and considering he had always had black long thick hair it was really noticeable and made him even more stressed.

However much I tried to persuade him that there were plenty of women like me who think bald men are very attractive he wasn't having any of it. He wanted his hair back and fairly so, we are all driven by different things and like me he found his confidence in his lush, full head of hair.

Thankfully there is a good answer for any man who is prematurely receding or has lost his hair and wants to either make his natural hair look fuller or who would like to look as if he has a freshly shaved head and that is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment (ATP) offered exclusively by the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

I think it is fabulous that if you are the kind of person like me who finds a lot of their identity and confidence in having beautiful hair that there are treatments like ATP available.

What about you? Do you have a characteristic or feature where you find much of your confidence?

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