Friday, 10 March 2017

Why Every Mum Needs Teepee, the Messaging App for Recommendations

Have you noticed since becoming a parent (or even since falling pregnant if we are honest) that there is just so much more to life. More to do, more to worry about, more to buy, more to feel and yes of course there is more love too and it is really worth it but boy is it easy to get bogged down in all the stuff!

That is why I’m very pleased to have found Teepee, the messaging app for recommendations. When I find a hairdressers that I like and one that will cut both my girls hair for a good price I want to be able to tell all my local friends about it and shout it from the rooftops but it’s not easy to do that.  When my kids were younger I met friends every week at toddler group or baby rhyme time and I’d just tell them about my great finds but now most friends work and we don’t see each other so often.

The place to spread the news nowadays seems to be Facebook but come on, it is so crowded and what I want to say just gets lost in the noise and the people I want to see the message don’t. Or maybe they do but by the time they want to get their child’s hair cut they have totally forgotten who shared a recommendation with them as it is seventy posts down their timeline.

How cool would it be if you and your friends all had an app where you could share all kinds of recommendations? Anything from the restaurants that do great kids menus, where to buy well-priced school shoes, books that might suit your child’s age to recipe and activity ideas to keep the kids busy during half-term.

It sounds really good, doesn’t it? And the best thing is that Teepee is here. Our wait is over and we can all download this free app and start sharing with each other and you know what? I think that might even bring us all a little closer again, just like the days of toddler groups when we saw each other regularly. Everyone likes to feel helpful and this app will give that fabulous feel-good factor and be completely safe as the recommendations and shares are coming from those we know and trust.

I downloaded Teepee a couple of weeks ago and set myself up and it was really easy. Your mobile number is verified by an SMS message and then you can use FB to sign in or create a log-in and your friends can be added and then you jump straight in and ask a question. My first one was ‘who’s eaten at Prezzo in Hailsham with the kids and how was it?’ So I wasn’t even asking for a recommendation but opinions and that is great too, it means Teepee is a multi-purpose app where I can share what I love, ask questions about things I need advice on and my friends can all do the same.

Then even after we have been using the app for a couple of years I don’t have to be worried about losing the few key bits of information that I really want as I can just choose to save the things that really speak to me in one of the sixteen pre-set categories – things like tech, TV, food and drink or events - or create my own categories so I'm totally in control. It’s also a big draw for me that the competitive aspects of social media are absent from Teepee, no vying for likes or shares and definitely no fakery or computer-generated recommendations either. It’s also advert free.

It’s good to learn too that Teepee has been Independently developed by a UK based company so your data isn't being swallowed up by Facebook or Google and it’s designed specifically for the job it does, sharing and storing recommendations that you want to keep, so it is far better suited to its job than other existing apps like WhatsApp or Viber.

I have to say I found Teepee very easy to use and intuitive when I downloaded it. There was no need to head off to a website and find out what I needed to do, I just registered and jumped straight in with a question to share with the people I wanted to share with. I chose from my friends contacts on my phone and even those who don’t yet have Teepee got an SMS message to ask them the question and then of course they can download Teepee if they like too and we spread the love even further.

I’m confident you’ll like Teepee if you give it a go and to be frank it is free, so why not?  

I look forward to connecting with you on Teepee very soon, Mich x

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