Saturday, 21 January 2017

Valentines Gift Guide: Update your Man!

Firstly, let it be known that I absolutely adore my husband. We have been together 22 years and I think he is more handsome now that when I met him. What is it with men growing into themselves and looking better with a bit of life under their belt and a touch of salt and pepper hair?

However, he has never really been into fashion. His number one deciding factor with clothes is if it feels nice. There are certain fabrics he will and won't wear and the same goes for colours. Now we are both approaching our mid-forties (ekk, how did that happen?) I think it is time I gave him a bit of an update and overhauled his wardrobe. I can't imagine this will ever happen in real life so here is my fantasy Valentines gift list for him and I hope it might give you a few ideas for the man in your life.

Aftershave - Hugo Boss No 6 - Around £40 for 100ml
I absolutely love my man to smell good and I find smells can take me back to times gone by. When we were young he used to wear Armani and Farenheit and the smell of both of those makes me feel 25 again but it is time to update him and after some research I think I'll go for a classy Hugo Boss fragrance, No 6 is said to be perfect for a romantic night, so thats the one!

Hugo Boss Maine Dark Vintage Regular Fit Jeans - £119
I genuinely can't recall the last time my husband wore jeans but they look good on him, so this is one I need to try to introduce.

Knomo Bungo Leather Messenger Bag - £186
I adore this laptop bag, in fact I even want it for myself but my man has to transport his PC around so this is just perfect. Stylish, well-made and I bet it last will for a very long time.

Image Credit: Knomo

Tommy Hilfiger Rounder Chelsea Boots - £91
I think these are a really good price (down from £130) and they can be worn with both smart trousers for work or jeans for a more casual outfit. House of Fraser have great menswear on offer. 

A new haircut and a traditional shave - Around £45
One of the things that first attracted me to my husband was his great hair, so why not treat him to a trip to a top-notch barbers for a real shave and tidy up.

Image: Jack the Clipper

Beats by Dr Dre Wireless Headphone - £220
I have to be honest my husband isn't going to be out and about in his headphones, that's not his style but he does use them practically every day so I might just treat him to a stylish pair of Beats with the added benefit of no wires.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Around £107
I am a sucker for a classic pair of tortoiseshell Ray-Bans, in fact I have a pair myself and thinking about it we may look a little twee in his and hers matching glasses but who cares.

Gant Long-sleeve Tartan Shirt - £45
Currently my husband wears polo shirts all the time when he isn't at work and it would be great to see him in a real shirt. To keep it casual I have gone for a Tartan design and I found some fab Gant shirts (which I know last really well) on House of Fraser for half-price. You can pick up some great bargains in their sales.

I hope you've found my picks useful. All I need to do now is get together a few hundred quid, purchase them and convince my husband to wear them. Should be simple, right?

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