Monday, 16 January 2017

Guest Post: How does being a Christian affect my Parenting?

Hey friends, I'm pleased to introduce you to a guest blogger today. Kate, from South Wales blogs over at The Hippy Christian Mum and she is a relatively new blogger. We are both joining in with a blog swap called 'Join in January' over on the Christian Bloggers UK Facebook page and I'm pleased to host her post today. I posed the question to Kate of how becoming a Christian has impacted her parenting.

My post will be live on Happy is her Home later in the month (when I've finished writing it! lol).

I'll hand you over to Kate -

Well I am relatively new to being a Christian. As a kid I went to Catholic schools (primary and high) during which time my mum was a self described Buddhist, attending a Buddhist temple every week. So let’s say I had a unique perspective on faith!

I have been a Christian for about 5 years, so since my daughter was about 1 year old. I wouldn’t say becoming a Christian has changed the way I parent in that I have always been very mindful of my daughters spiritual well-being along with all her other needs, as I’m sure most parents are. And we didn’t suddenly start praying before meals or swapping all the kids books for bible stories. We give thanks throughout our days as I don’t personally believe in forced prayer.  I have changed as a person and inevitably that I suppose, must have affected how I parent.

The biggest change in being a parent as a Christian is my confidence. One day out at a park, during a particularly difficult week where I had literally been crying to myself in secret that I could never be the best mum for my daughter, a woman approached me. She was out with her grandsons who had recognised me from volunteering on kid’s church. Without me saying a word past hello she started talking to me about how God had chosen me specifically to be Beg’s (Blue-eyed girl's) mum because He has made sure that everything in my life has equipped me with exactly what she as an individual needs. It was amazing, and I truly believe, a personal cwtch (Welsh word for hug) from the Holy Spirit. I came away completely changed in my thinking; with the realisation that I had almost been mocking God’s decision by not realising I am the best mum she needs! And so I am more confident now that it’s me who is meant to be her mum, flaws and all!

During my pregnancy with Beb (Blue-eyed boy) I had more of a supportive communityaround me  and it was my faith that got me through my traumatic birth experience and the days that followed. Knowing we had people praying for us was a comfort too.  

I would like to say being a Christian mum I have endless patience and never raise my voice but that is far from the truth. I can’t even say I am striving towards some Christian ideal of motherhood because I don’t think that’s healthy, or what God wants for me. To constantly feel like I’m not hitting the mark. A relationship with God can’t be forced, or faked, and I hope both my kids grow up seeing that.

You can read more about what my life is like as a mum on my blog

Thanks Michelle for having me as a guest on your fabulous blog. 
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