Friday, 2 December 2016

Yay, Thank Heavens - Gizmo Saves Christmas!

I love a good Christmas advert, I have to admit it. I know some people hate them and are all bah humbug about them trying to encourage us to buy stuff we don't need but I say 'blah' to them.

One of the big markers that Christmas is arriving is the battle of the adverts. For me this year was being won by M&S and I even shed a little tear at their latest offering but for my dog-mad daughter Miss M the top contender was John Lewis with their trampoline bouncing pouch. That was until I showed her Gizmo.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing who Gizmo is, I hadn't heard of him either but he is Vision Directs mascot and boy is he cute. Just take a look at this adorable pug in action. Not content with melting your heart, he also wants to save Mr Cuddles the Cat and restore order in his town. I don't want to give any more away but just take a look -

It's crazy how addictive he is, after watching this one, I then found myself watching the first advert from last Christmas that starred him. That one managed to gain over a million views across Facebook and YouTube and I think this one is going the same way too, it has only been live a couple of days and already there is near 60K hits on YouTube, so there are obviously a lot of people like me who like it.

Also, why don't you check out the advent calendar on the Vision Direct Christmas micro site, there will be fun, games, prizes and top tips for lens wearers during the run up to Christmas. Follow #Pugxmas on twitter too as I also spotted there were some Amazon vouchers up for grabs for an RT and follow.

If you are a lens or glasses wearer then I'd also recommend that you generally have a look round the Vision Direct website as they are the the UK’s largest online only retailer of contact lenses, glasses and eye care. I was very interested to find out that they have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers to deliver affordable and high quality eye care since 1998. Their score with Trust Pilot is a super respectable 9.5 out of 10 and they have over 20,000 reviews on there. All those people can't be wrong, so this is definitely where I'll be looking next time I need new sunglasses.

As I've not bought glasses online before, I found this article on the Vision Direct site had everything I needed to know and I was reassured to hear I could order styles to try at home with just plain glass in before I take the plunge and order my prescription. I picked out some of my favourites to share with you, I bet you can tell what style I ended up with recently when I had to choose my first ever pair of prescription glasses! lol

Do you like my choices? I'm thinking I have to go bold and go for the purple ones next time around but to be honest I'm hoping my prescription need doesn't change for quite some time and I can kid myself I'm not getting older!

I hope you enjoy Gizmo saves Christmas as much as I did and I wish you a wonderful Advent and festive season, Mich x

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