Saturday, 21 November 2015

What I Learnt at #Blogfest15

I'm on the train heading back to East Sussex from London and I'm just about to switch off from the plugged in world of social media and blogging and watch an episode of Masterchef but before I do I thought I'd just share what a great day I've had and how much I've learnt.

Here's my learning's, all very valuable but nothing too deep -

*  That I quite like going to a blogging conference on my own and having the ability to just wander and meet a whole mass of different people.

*  That many of those new (or just met in real life) friends are really very cool like Kerry from Oh So Amelia@sadiequinton, @mamaelsie3 and Jane from In a Different Voice..

*  That Siobhan of Everyone Else is Normal is a very chatty lady indeed (in a good way).

*  That Blogfest can be a phenomenal conference. Having attended in 2013 and had the experience tainted by the bizarre and provocative final panel, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the day but it was a mix of superb and interesting speakers. The panel chairs were so funny and engaging and I have managed to follow dozens of new people on Twitter.
*  That I still have a little crush on David Baddiel; I do love a man who can make me laugh and he transports me right back to my Uni days.

*  That I'm not a typical Mumsnetter but it doesn't matter as we do feel passionately about many of the same things.

*  That I need to invest in a 50mm 1.8 lens. Thanks Hayley, I know I'm going to love the photos I can take with it.

*  That Coca-Cola GB have all these fabulous community and global initiatives that I knew nothing about. I'll share more in another post but check out Park Lives and 5 by 20. Seriously cool!

*  That I am rubbish at the Coca-Cola blind taste test. Diet Coke is always my drink of choice and I've drunk it for around 25 years but I didn't manage to get it right in the blind taste test. The only one I correctly identified was Coke Life and I had never even tried that before! #shocked

*  That I don't want to be a YouTube sensation and in fact I don't even really want to be a vlogger. I would just be doing it because I thought I had to and that isn't a good enough reason.

*  That I love Western Digital as they gave me a 3tb external drive and my geeky son will love it for Christmas!

*  That Becky from Lakes Single Mum can't be trusted on London roads after a few glasses of wine.

*  That I would really, really love to win a handbag from Village England as their leather goods are stunning and I love handbags. They are always your friend even when you are feeling desperately fat! (Which I often am).

*  That I enjoy coming away from home for a bit of me time but actually I like going home far more.

And finally that I have a great life balance, I really am that lucky woman who has it all. My all of course, many others would not have chosen to ditch their job and move their family to live in a Christian community without any pay but it works for me. I've never been more content than I am now and that's good enough for me.

Thanks so much for sponsoring me to attend Coca-cola, it has been great working with you.

Mich x

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