Friday, 11 July 2014

Roll on summer holidays

I'm really looking forward to the summer holidays and it isn't long now. In previous years I have planned out each week and known what we would get up to but this year I'm taking a more relaxed approach and going to have quite a few days with absolutely nothing planned. I think that you sometimes have your best times when you allow the kids to get a bit bored and to break through that barrier.

Of course I will make sure that we get outdoors each day, some of my favourite times from last summer were nice long walks and impromptu picnics and now we know lots more people in the local area we have people we can call on to join us at the local park.

Personally I think the children all work hard enough at school throughout the year so I'm going to encourage them to kick back and relax. With the exception of Miss E (who has dyslexia) I won't be making the kids do any formal reading or homework. I have no exception to them still learning or developing new skills through fun things like swimming, nature walks and playing sports but it will be child led learning.

I suspect there might even be one or two pyjama days where we all just crash for the day and have a right old relax. This is where our Netflix subscription will come in really handy as we can all choose films or programmes that we fancy. Sadly my Gossip Girl and The Good Wife addiction will have to go on hold over the holidays as they are not good viewing for the kids but there are so many family films that we can watch together. We are building up our list and already we have -

Neflix also made a great suggestion that I get the kids to check out some of the documentaries on Netflix and learn a bit more about our natural world and the animal kingdom.  I had no idea these kind of programmes were on Netflix, I've obviously not explored enough as yet.

In the hot weather (I'm hoping) we will need a nice little snack to cool us down too and Netflix have suggested we make some strawberry yoghurt swirl lollies and they look fabulous, really tasty and nutritious. If you fancy making some you can find the recipe on Andrea Lynn's blog.

We have had Netflix for about 3 months now and none of us have grown bored with it yet.  In fact I am wondering how on earth we coped with just freeview before, there really is nothing much on TV these days and the freedom to start a program at 8.10pm rather than rush to be on the sofa for 8pm is really refreshing.

I love that in the daytime I can go from room to room doing the tidying and housework and take my iPad with me and then when I go in the lounge to dust or do the ironing I can switch to Netflix on the big TV (via my apple TV) and it just knows exactly where I have got up to.  It is really clever!

Disclosure: I have received a years free membership to Netflix and a free device to become part of the #Streamteam. They have not instructed me what to write and I remain honest, as always. 
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