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Personal Planners - Review and #Giveaway

I've never really sat and thought about how much time and effort it takes to organise a family of five. I think we have quite a traditional set-up in that I organise the family holidays, the days out, the kids clubs, the social stuff, the shopping, the insurance policies etc and I'm really happy to do that as I'm a natural organiser and I like to be on top of things.

In this day and age it seems most people opt to use online diaries and apps now to manage what they are up to and I have tried this, really I have, but for some reason it is just not floating my boat.  I've had many successful years at work where I have used my calendar for appointments, reminders and everything else that goes with working in a busy office but for my private life I still like to have a calendar on the wall and a diary I can write in.  Go on, go ahead and call me old fashioned, I don't mind. I prefer to call it classic.

Small Personal Planner
At BritMums Live in 2013 a company called Personal Planner provided notebooks for all the attendees and I took one of those pretty pale pink pads home, the paper is thick and lightly lined, the spiral binding is firm and quality and there is also a thick plastic cover and elastic band to keep it closed.  This was firmly the start of a love affair.

They also provided a free code to go online and order a planner of your choosing. I opted for a small 4.3" x 5.5" planner and the great thing is you can choose when it starts, so whatever time of year you order you get the most from it. When my planner ran out in June this year I contacted Personal Planner and asked them if they would like me to review one and here I am with my beautiful new planner, which is just the right size to carry in my handbag and carry about with me every day.

Here is this years planner, that I designed just for me -

It is really easy online to get your planner just how you want it, there are 4 different sizes available, all with the same high quality finish and thick, luxurious pages. You got though the steps of choosing your cover, the wording, how you want the pages to look, whether you want some note pages, musical score pages, graphs pages or loads of others.

There are so many options, do you want somewhere to log your personal training, the weather, if you are working? They are all available. You can also add in personalised dates and these will be saved for when you order again in future years. I kept mine pretty simple as that is how I like it and I choose a nice green ruler to match my cover.  I also went for an optional pink pen so I can look really twee and completely match!

The ordering was easy and the price for the small planner is £14.95 plus £2.95 delivery so it is not the cheapest out there but then who wants cheap. I want something I can bash about in my bag for a year and it still looks good and I know this is it, as that is exactly what happened last year, no pages falling out, or cheap metal spirals getting out of shape.

Wall Planner
This is a new product which I've not seen before and it is fabulous. Again you customise it to how you fancy. I used one of my macro flower photos on the front and then inside added a column for myself, my husband, our son and one for the girls and could add a little photo of each of us. I liked that I could also colour coordinate each of them as that makes it really visually easy and appealing. The planner shows a week to view so never again do I have to try and cram so much writing in a tiny space like I do on a month to view calendar. You can hang it so you can just see one week or two at a time, it depends on your preference and space, each page is 12" x 12".

Each product was delivered to me separately and in a cardboard box, the planner arrived in pristine condition but the wall planner cardboard was a bit less solid and one corner was bent, which did not really bother me but if it was a gift and I had paid £24.95 plus postage for it, I would want it to be perfect.

From the point of order and payment it takes about 2 weeks for your planner to arrive with you, so you need to factor this in when you order but it is clear on the website.
In all I'm really happy with my planners and I would buy from this company again, it is not the cheapest but it is really good quality and the level to which you can personalise their products is excellent.


Would you like to win a personal planner and a family wall planner for yourself?  I have one of each available for the lucky winner.

Win a personal and a family planner

Make sure you check out the terms and conditions and good luck.  Mich x
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