Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ghoulish Glasgow

Image Credit: PrawnFm 05 on Flickr

With such an interesting and varied history, Glasgow is of course home to many a story of ghosts and ghoulish goings on. Even the local bus tour operators are getting in on the act and organising bespoke ghost tours starring two of Glasgow's very own ghosts as they give you a tour of the grislier side of Glasgow. So who, or what, is said to haunt Glasgow?

The Tron Theatre
 If you go to watch a film at the Tron Theatre, you’d better check who's sitting beside you before the lights go down. This Glasgow landmark has had many incarnations over the years including a church, a place of execution, a meeting hall, a market, a store, a police station and now a theatre. With such a past, it's not surprising that it is full of ghost stories, with members of staff reporting a threatening male presence in the boiler room, objects being moved, doors being opened, children whimpering and various mysterious presences felt and even sighted in the auditorium itself.

The Museum of Transport
 So much more than just a museum it seems, a security guard working here has reported seeing blue balls of light, a headless woman and has heard the screams of children. Others have heard the screams and seen people walking along the streets that have been recreated inside the museum, before vanishing into thin air. One paranormal investigation picked up lots of orbs and even captured the shadow of a man inside one of the trams in the exhibit on camera. Will you brave that tram? You never know who might sit next to you, after all.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary
 You certainly don't want to end up in hospital at the best of times, but this one is so haunted even the doctors see ghosts. Imagine seeing a ward sister walking towards you - completely normal you might think - until you look down and realise she has no legs below her knees! You might also see an elderly old man who talks to the dying, or the ghost of a man who was seen by a nurse, just two days after he died, which distressed her greatly, as you might imagine! Another ghostly tale is that of the doctor running to a patient who was in cardiac arrest, who was asked directions to the exit by a man he recognised moments later as the man who's bed he'd just rushed towards!

The Scotia
Glasgow's oldest bar is home to spirits of more than just the liquid kind it seems. Paranormal investigators have seen the shadow of a man moving across the bar towards the locked cellar, and minutes later rattling noises from the cellar were heard. The investigator went on to state that the man had hanged himself in the cellar, which the present bar manager confirmed. Two other ghosts also haunt the bar. An old man from the 1930's was found sitting in one of the bar’s snug rooms and a prostitute responded to questions by moving a glass on a table, then when asked to do something to confirm her presence seemed to ring the telephone twice. Do you dare brave a drink in this historic Glasgow watering hole?

Glasgow is home to many ghosts, including that of a vampire who haunts a churchyard. It even lays claim to the ghostly apparition of Princess Diana in the stained glass windows of a little church in Govan. It really is alive with the dead, so if ghost hunting is on your agenda you should book a room in Glasgow's Travelodge, right in the heart of this haunted city and see what goes bump in the night!

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