Sunday, 23 March 2014

Exciting development on eBay - great for sellers and buyers alike

I was quite an early user of eBay and I remember when JJ was a baby ten years ago selling all his baby clothes and for a while I went to car boots and jumbles to buy quality clothes for literally 20p a piece, then I used to wash the clothes up and make up bundles of Next children's clothes to sell. It was a nice little earner whilst I was on maternity leave and I really enjoyed myself too, something to stop me from developing baby brain!

Of course once I went back to my regular job I didn't have the time to keep up with this but I've always bought and sold on eBay and it is my first port of call when I need to purchase something. I love the flexibility of being able to buy new or second-hand in the same place and also you can very often benefit from free postage.

There is now a new reason for me to be visiting eBay. As well as to sell or buy goods, I can now use the site to curate beautiful collections of items and this exciting feature has a variety of uses
  • As a seller I might want to show off to my buyers how they can style one of my products by showing it with accessories and related items. 
  • Or as a buyer I might want to create a visual moodboard for a room I am looking to make over. What a great way to collect all your ideas in one place and to be able to visually see if what was in your heads works in reality.
  • Equally as a buyer I might want to create a wishlist, showing what I desire as wedding gifts or for a special birthday. The kids can even use it to put their Christmas lists together too.
  • or it might just be that I need a place to sort my own head out and to be able to navigate through the immense amount of choices we have nowadays
If you create a collection it will be public for all to see and interested parties can follow your collection so they can be inspired by what you are curating. Celebrities are also creating collections, so if following Danni Minogues style is your kind of thing then go ahead, she has a collection.

I've been working with eBay over the last couple of months to try out this new collections function and you can view my collections over on my Mummy from the Heart eBay account. I've enjoyed the time creating these collections, I'll be honest it has been a bit labour intensive as it was new to me and I wanted to get it just right but an average person wouldn't be creating twelve collections all in one go!

When eBay asked me to create collections around the theme of parenting my head went off in all different directions, what topics shall I choose? The inspiration for my first collection was taken from my six year old twin girls who are Hello Kitty mad, I know it would be there dream to have a Hello Kitty bedroom.

My next collection is probably my favourite and I have to admit that I want to go and buy every item in the collection, if only I had a few hundred pounds a few less stones! My school run capsule wardrobe collection is created with a few staple items and lots of accessories so you can look stylish in navy, white and red.

At the moment I have 12 collections and I'll be creating more in the next few days, why don't you head over to eBay and take a peek and if you want to start your own collection then watch my lovely friend Jen, who has worked with eBay to create a short video about the new collections feature -

Disclosure: I have been commissioned by Ebay to write this post and to help them publicise their new collections feature.
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