Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Vanish Gold 30 second challenge - does it work?

I do find stains extraordinarily annoying, it drives me nuts that you buy something new and within days, well minutes sometimes my husband or children will have dropped something on it. I spent £90 on a duvet cover a couple of weeks ago and now there is a stain! I was therefore super excited to hear that Vanish Gold Oxy Action could be just the stain remover I need.   You can use it in the wash as a booster, for soaking prior to a machine wash and as a pre-treater to get rid of specific stains.

Working with the Tots100 I was asked to test out the new Vanish Gold Oxy Action powder as a pre-treater on a blackcurrant juice stain and I was surprised by the results to say the least. You'll have to take a peek at the video to see how it all pans out.

Not content with creating the stain and then treating it straight away, I made the stain over 5 hours before I treated it as I felt that gave a truer picture.


Here are the before and after pictures -

If you have any stains that you are having trouble removing then do check out the Vanish Tip Exchange, it is very good and has all sorts of remedies for your stains, including those without Vanish.

Disclosure: I was sent the stain remover and given a nominal amount to partake in this challenge. My opinion has not been swayed and honestly this seems a great product, it worked on this stain I made!
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