Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Have you been converted to a Tablet yet?

I have to be honest and say that I personally do not have a Tablet but I probably should add 'yet' to the end of that sentence, I think the time is coming. My son was the first in our family to buy a tablet about three years back and he was instantly hooked; he can do everything he wants to on it like playing games, skyping with his friends, listening to music and looking things up for his homework.

After a short while it became a shared tablet as my husband would grab it when JJ was in bed and he would sit there hooked to it as well but I can't really complain as I love my laptop and you will often find me busy on there. Then last year I realised that long car journeys would be an awful lot more fun is the girls had something to watch on the journey. I looked into in-car DVD players and came to the conclusion that I was much better off buying them a couple of tablets to use with headphones.

So now we have three tablets in the house but I think the time has come to invest in one for my husband as he is trying to use JJ's more and more often and whilst I'm all for sharing, JJ did buy it with money he had saved up and I think he is entitled to use it when he fancies.

I need to have a look at all the different providers of tablets and there are quite a few now and many brand names that I know and trust. One of the newest tablets on the market is the Sony Xperia™Tablet Z and as a current customer of Sony I know their products to be really good and reliable. The Sony Xperia™Tablet Z looks really stylish and at 6.9 mm and just 495 grams it is incredibly lightweight and portable. I'm pleased to see that I don't need to worry too much about breakages though as it has been constructed with premium materials and built to last, whilst not looking like a brick. Also, I have to mention that it is waterproof, just perfect as the one thing I do nick the kids tablets for is when I'm cooking and having a recipe by my side.

When buying a tablet there is a whole host of features that I want to be present. First I need really good visuals and Sony products give these every time. The Sony Xperia™Tablet Z  has a 10.1" HD Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 technology which automatically optimises every image to give the fullest colour display, meaning that every scene is richer, brighter and more breathtakingly vibrant.

I'm also interested in how quick the tablet  processor can work for me, no good it looking beautiful if it is slow and can't run multiple programs at the same time. After research I feel satisfied that it will perform at a level I am more than happy with. It is equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor. This is an advanced 1.5 Ghz quad core processor which will give maximum performance and speed, and incredible graphics, without draining your battery. Another big plus point, as who wants to be re-charging every couple of hours.

The Sony Xperia™Tablet Z seems to give more than I would expect from any tablet, who knew I'd be able to control all my home entertainment with this one tablet, no more lost remote control - result! There is lots this tablet can enable you to enjoy and by using the Google Play store for apps and Sony Network Entertainment for music and films you will have everything you need for your delight.

I'll certainly get my husband to take a look at the The Sony Xperia™Tablet Z, it starts at about £379 for a 16g wi-fi connected model and I think that is reasonable given the spec it is boasting.

Have a look at the infographic below and see how you might use your The Sony Xperia™Tablet Z for a special Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day survival guide - Infographic
Courtesy of Sony

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