Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: Snapbox canvas print

My husband is not an easy man to buy Christmas gifts for (or any gifts for that matter), he has no particular hobbies, loads of books waiting to be read and not a particularly sweet tooth. Yes we could get him socks or a new shirt but they really are boring and of course he would just buy those for himself.

The thing that dh likes to do more than anything else is spend time with his family, so the kids and I thought it would be great to be able to capture a moment from when we have all been out together recently and to immortalise that. Luckily got in touch to ask me if I would like to review one of their canvas prints. I was not so sure at first as we have a number of canvas prints and whilst I like them I just thought they were nothing really special.  But I was wrong, is different and they offer a nice alternative to the normal boring canvas - their canvas print comes in a black enamel covered wood frame. The image looks as if it is floating in the frame, just look -

I found the Snapbox UK website really easy to use, you can either upload a photo from your computer/ mobile device/ FaceBook or if you find that difficult you can email one to the company directly from your mobile and they will create the order for you.

I uploaded a photo (I loved the fact I had a % bar telling me how much had uploaded already - no guesswork!) and this was good for me as it meant I could use the editing tools and crop the photo so it was a closer shot, I also could have added an effect to the image such as changing it to sepia or adjusted the rotation - all within Snapbox and that is great as with other providers I have had to use an external program to make my amends first and then upload the image.

Once you save any edits you see your image in a snapbox frame so you really can get an idea of how it will look. There are a variety of sizes to choose from ranging from 13cm x 13cm for £19.99 inc VAT up to 25cm x 33cm for £49.99 inc VAT.  It is good that there are both square and rectangle options available as this means you can print Instagram photos in this way too and for me these are some of my most treasured images.

Once the order was done I received my finished Snapbox very quickly (they say within 5 working days) and it was very well packaged, so I would have no qualms to recommend Snapbox to others. The kids are thrilled and can't wait to give this to Daddy for Christmas and Daddy will be thrilled as the back of the frame comes ready to hang and he does not have to do anything more than knock a nail in the wall!

If you care for your Snapbox print properly (keeping it indoors, away from direct sunlight and dust it occasionally) they expect it to last a lifetime which is fabulous. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not happy they want to hear from you but given my experience with them I'm pretty sure you will be.

Disclosure: I received this canvas print free of charge for the purpose of this review, I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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