Friday, 9 November 2012

Ripple's Effect - Blog book tour here today!

When I was on my travels to Ethiopia in October I got to meet a wonderful lady, her name is Rana DiOrio.  Before we travelled together Rana had been to visit my blog a few times, left some comments and done a few RT's for me, so I was already feeling warm and fuzzy towards her. I can honestly say that meeting Rana heightened my already great opinion of her. This is a passionate and sassy lady, she takes her responsibilities in life very seriously and has set up a company which completely embodies those high values and solid social conscience.

Rana's company is a publishing house, Little Pickle Press. They publish quality books for children, these are books with a strong message. I recall sitting on our bus travelling on the rickety roads of Ethiopia as Rana talked with great passion about how the books she publishes all engage, entertain and impact the children who read them. She told me about one book called BIG and how it encourages children to appreciate their values more so than their valuables. The book can help children learn how to act BIG in every situation and be their best possible selves. I knew then I needed to buy this book.

When I got approached by Rana's company telling me they had published a new title and would I like to host a stop on their blog book tour, I knew I wanted to get involved. I trust Rana and I now trust her brand, before I even laid my eyes on the new book Ripple's Effect (written by Shawn Achor & Amy Blankson and Illustrated by Cecilia Rebora) I knew it was going to be good.

I nearly spat my tea out when I first read the synopsis for Ripple's Effect, here is what it says about the book -

It takes big actions to make big changes. Or does it? In Ripple’s Effect, residents of an aquarium learn that sometimes a smile is all it takes to make a world of difference. Awash with charming illustrations, this delightful tale will show children that happiness is a choice they get to make for themselves.
So what is so shocking about this Mich?  Well, every week I run a blog linky called Reasons to be Cheerful or #R2BC for short and if you take a look at the page about this linky and why I run it you'll see that I hold the philosophy that happiness is a choice, one we can all make on a daily basis. This book could not really have been any more perfect for me, could it?

Who are the authors?

I was also really interested to read about Shawn Achors background and his motivations for writing this book along with his sister Amy Blankson. As an academic and author Shawn has spent over a decade at Harvard University studying the concept of happiness. He has penned the bestselling book The Happiness Advantage and travelled extensively to research the link between happiness and success. Upon his travels Shawn was asked by one man how he could teach this concept to his 7 year old and thus the idea for Ripple's Effect was born.

I love that Shawn hopes to one day see an entire generation of children raised on the happiness advantage concept, rather than the mantra that happiness can only follow success. The credentials of the co-author Amy Blankson are also solid, she is a positive leadership consultant and among her many achievements, has been named a Point of Light by Presidents Bush and Clinton. Amy is a mother of three and she hopes Ripple’s Effect will inspire young people to make a positive difference in their world.

If this book can help a child choose to be happy and adopt a positive viewpoint it has to be bestseller, doesn't it?  Imagine the posibilities, when all these empowered youngsters grow up and take the world by storm. A beautiful vision.

What did I think of the book?

I really did love the book and I'm very happy to be able to share it with my children.  Although the story is simple I can happily share it with my 9 year old and also my 5 year old twins, we will just have different age-appropriate conversations around what is happening in the book and what that tells us.

The book is beautifully illustrated and the pictures really do add to the story, you find yourself knowing Ripple the dolphin and finding hope in her endeavours to use her secret weapon, her smile to conquer Snark the grumpy shark as she moves into her new home. Every child can relate to the worries of being somewhere new and Ripple's positivity will be an encouragement to them I'm sure.

I really love the humble ending to the book, purely the question 'can you make a shark smile today?', so chidren go away with a call to action and a way to put into practice what they have learnt during the course of the book. I personally think we all need to think about how we can mae a shark smile today!

Quite brilliantly you can download a lesson plan resource for Ripple's Effect for free (in fact you can download one for every book published by LPP) and that is just one more reason why I really like this book and this publisher.

How can I buy Ripple's Effect?

You can easily buy Ripple's Effect direct from Little Pickle Press HERE and good news, there is a special offer for the month of November.

You can save 30% on your entire order when you purchase Ripple’s Effect. Just use code LPPRipple12 at the check-out.  Sounds like a good deal doesn't it?  Make sure you check out the other books you can buy, I also love What Does It Mean To Be Global?.

Disclosure: I have received a copy of Ripple's Effect for review.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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