Friday, 5 October 2012

Week 1 Update #WWBack2Best

Yummy enchiladas, but not the ones I made!

So I have been following the Weight Watcher ProPoints plans for a week now and using the app on my phone and online too and what do I think?
Well I think I knew it was going to be a tough week and it has been.  Not because of anything to do with the ProPoints plan but to do with the sheer amount of things I had to do this week and the amount of stuff just going round my mind. Getting ready to travel to Ethiopia has been a job in itself!
It is not a week that I can say to you I have followed the plan 100% and can report a massive weight loss but it has been a positive start to my journey. I have dropped 1lb and I'm happy with that.  I forgot to do my measurements last week, so I must do that as I know it can be really motivational too.
I travel to Ethiopia tomorrow and who knows what that will hold for me, I am not in control of where I will eat or what types of food are available to me but I am in control of my choices and portion sizes and I must remember to stay in the moment and to make wise choices. The wonderful thing is that I will have my iPhone with me and my WW app to help me to make informed choices too.  Ignorance will be no defence, as long as I can get some kind of signal of course!
Do I like the Weight Watchers app?
I have to admit that I’m a little sad and I have enjoyed using the app and this is a big deal as I am not an app kind of person. I receive numerous emails every week asking me to review apps and I just bin them as I have no interest. So I can honestly say that even a non geeky person can just jump straight in and get on with this app.
There is loads I can do in the app, like track my weight, track my food each day (and it works out my pro point values for me too), browse through suggested recipes and success stories and even find a meeting if I feel I need one. It is all very easy and intuitive to use.
Last Friday I went to meet a friend for lunch at a pub and that was my first challenge to be able to find the right foods and to input them to my ProPoints tracker.  This was OK as there is a search function and once I have input something it remains in my recently added folder to make it easy to find again or I can favourite things too. It took a minimal amount of time to do the input and as I’m competitive I like seeing how many points I still have left and trying to have a really filling days food without going over my points balance.
The cheat sheets function in the app is quite fun, this lets me choose what food I will have and then to adjust it to what toppings or fillings I might have to see how that impacts the ProPoints value so I can make a healthy and informed choice.
If you want to see the app in action, take a look at the Play Weight Watchers website, there are some great videos there so you can see real Weight Watchers members using the app and talking about their weight loss journeys.
Has the Weight Watchers site been helpful?
In a nutshell yes really helpful.  I have not been on a Weight Watchers plan for over a decade so I was coming into this with no knowledge and I had to have a good look round the website to see what I needed to be doing.  An hours browsing meant that I understood what I was up to and I knew how to use my ProPoints. I found the community forum really great, you could literally spend hours on there but instead I just sought out post titles that looked interesting to me. I’ve not had the time to jump in and ask any questions yet but once back from Ethiopia and my feet are on firm ground again I am sure I will.
Another thing I found fab on the website was the recipe builder tool.  One night I made myself and my husband some quorn and veggie enchiladas and if I say so myself they were super tasty but really I had no idea how many ProPoints they contained so I used the receipt builder and now know that they contain 15 ProPoints for 2 large enchiladas but on a night when I want a really hearty meal that suits me just fine.
So onwards and upwards, I won't be live posting about my weight next week as more pressing things will be on my mind but do check in Friday as there will be a pre -written #WWBack2Best post up all about the products I am loving right now!
Have a great week.  Mich x

Disclosure:  I have received 6 months online membership and a Weight Watchers hamper for the purposes of undertaking this review of the plan and products. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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