Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blogs That Make Me Cheerful #R2BC Week 42

Hey all, Welcome to week 42 of Reasons to be Cheerful, we are drawing closer and closer to Christmas and yes if I am honest that is just a little bit exciting!

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This week I am thinking about some of the blogs that I regularly read, those that make me smile and make me want to come back again and again but I am being a bit mean to you.  I am not going to spell out who the bloggers are, you'll have to click on the links if you want to see my recommended reading list and you never know it might just even lead to your blog - recognise any of the descriptions?

This down to earth account of every day life while living abroad is a blog I go back to time and time again.

For me this is the ultimate Mummy blog, the first one I found and one I still enjoy over 3 years later.

I don't even want to send you to this blog really as she robbed me of my (mine, you understand!) MAD blog award but sadly she is so talented and side-splitingly funny that I cannot keep away.

You know when you just love someone (not love them like 'ohh I want to snog you' but just really like them) well that is the next blogger.  She is so honest and helpful and I wish she lived closer to me.

How time changes, when I started to blog back in 2008/9 there were a handful of 'top' (yes, yes, I know everyone hates that sort of thing) bloggers and what I realise now is that those I hold in high regard may not be known by some of the newer bloggers so I am making it my duty to direct you over to their awesome blogs.

Take this one for instance, having met her I know her to be warm and beautiful, I just love the way the humour oozes from her blog and she has such a talent with words.

Then this established blogger should wear a badge saying 'cheerful survivor', she has been through a lot in life and come out winning.  I love the mix of fun, family and serious issues that her blog presents.

and lastly an award winning writer who has a fabulous tongue in cheek style.

Over to you........  how are you feeling this week?  Is it a good one?  I'd love to hear, I'll be reading on the phone though so can't promise you all comments this week, sorry. I hope you'll be able to pop along to at least a couple of other blogs and say hi to them.  We have had some newer joiners in the last few weeks and where they have joined in late on Friday they have missed out on comment love.

If you want to find out more about #R2BC then take a look HERE.

Thanks all, enjoy your weekends.  I appreciate you linking up and looking on the bright side of life!

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