Monday, 28 March 2011

A Funky Mothers Day Gift - Clippy Bag Review

What kind of Mum have you got?  Is she the young and funky type?  Does she like to keep up with the latest trends and look stylish?  Yes, then I may just have the perfect idea for a personalised Mothers Day gift for you.

Take a look at this bag, like it? I love it!  This one is personalised just for me and all the pictures were chosen by me  but you could have one personalised just for your Mum, or even better, choose your own Mothers Day gift. I know that loses the element of surprise but at least you get a gift you could really treasure.  Call me ungrateful but I get a bit fed up of chocolates or toiletries chosen by the kids, I would much rather have some money or free reign to choose something I really would like.

Anyway, back to the bag!  Clippy bags are known as a statement piece and are sported by many celebrities such as Helena Bonham Carter and Thandie Newton but the fabulous thing is that the price makes them accessible for everyone.  You have been able to buy the bags and customise them yourself for some time now. You can buy linings for inside, kits and stickers to fill the pockets and really go to town making it your own.

Recently Clippy have introduced a custom bag service, which I was given the opportunity to use. The online software was incredibly simple and easy to work with.  Firstly I had to choose what size bag I wanted and this dictates how many pictures/ papers/ images that you need.  You can upload photos directly to the site, use images from facebook or there are various free papers available directly from Clippy. I chose to create my bag with all photos of my kids and spent a pleasurable hour deciding which pictures to upload, how to crop them and where to place them. I have to say that was probably the easiest to use software of this type that I have come across.

I completed my order about 11pm on Wednesday night and by 3pm on Friday my order had arrived through my door. So the delivery times were excellent.  The bag was packaged in a sturdy plastic mail order bag which was good for ensuring the bag was protected from the elements but it did mean that the delivery man folded my bag in half to put it through my letter box.  This was a shame as the plastic did hold that fold line for a while.  It might be advisable for Clippy to put a 'do not bend' sticker or hard piece of board in the packaging bag to protect the Clippy bag.

When the bag arrived with me I was absolutely thrilled, the overall look was great.  The plastic bag is really sturdy and solid.  There are two poppers up the top to keep it closed.  The handles are thick canvas covered in plastic and look durable and are long enough to go over my shoulder.  However, whilst the bag looks excellent I would say that the prints that Clippy had printed out for me were not photo quality.  I expected the the photos they printed to put in the pockets would be glossy prints on photo paper, these were not.  In the plastic pockets on the bag they look absolutely fine, no-one would notice but out of the wallet you can tell the quality is not great.

When Clippy custom make the bag for you, the cost of a medium size bag is £30.00 or you can buy the bag with empty pockets for £22.00 and make this yourself at home. There are various sizes of bags and wash bags as well as stationary and even a super cute kids brolly.  The bags are available with black or pink handles and I have now discovered you can download free of charge some of the Clippy custom papers.  So knowing how fickle I can be, I am sure I will be changing some of the pockets around and creating a few different looks for my Clippy bag.

Overall I love my bag and have already used it over the weekend and received a couple of comments from people.

Mummy From The Heart rating -

Style/ Look of the bag   5/5
Quality of bag     5/5
Ease of use of customisation    5/5
Delivery, speed & packaging   4/5
Quality of custom photos in pockets   3/5

This is a review post.  I was provided with the product free of charge for the purpose of honestly reviewing it.  I have not been instructed what to write and my opinions are honest and my own.

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