Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Gallery: Sparkle (Come and have a Nosey!)

This weeks Gallery prompt is sparkle and I have taken the obvious route and gone for showing off our Christmas tree and decorations.

I don't know about you but I adore nosing at peoples decorations.  I can be found walking the streets on a dark night peering through the open curtains to see what others have done with their trees!

Since JJ was born 7 years ago all my favourite glass and delicate decorations have been away in storage but now all the children are old enough to know not to touch Mummy's tree and again I can have my nice colour coordinated adult tree.

I am not a spoilsport though, I know Xmas for kids is about garish bright coloured decorations and overdoing the tree,  So the children have their own 4ft tree in the playroom which they really enjoyed decorating themselves.

Take a look....

Edit - I am such a bad blogger! At the beginning of this week I received some fabulous Christmas decorations through the post. Helga who blogs at 51degrees North sent me some beautiful decorations as part of a secret decoration swap organsied by @snafflesmummy.  We are supposed to send one decoration but after visiting my site she saw that I had three kids and bought them a decoration each - how giving is that?  My children loved them and they are on the kids tree. JJ was particularly made up as he already has 2 little soldiers and wondered how you knew?

Thank you ever so much for your thought and time.  Here are the lovely decorations.  I love the fact that the reindeer's for the twins are dressed the same but different, just like I do with my girls.

I have posted my decoration as part of the swap too and someone who asked for a red or gold decoration and wanted one that was non breakable will soon be receiving this lovely crystal decoration.

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