Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Best Kids Party Ever - In The Snow!

I may have mentioned that a few weeks ago JJ was invited to one of his friends birthday parties and as always he was looking forward to it, but this was on another level!

JJ was blown away, I was blown away and the twins were so jealous it was untrue! We had to go to the local Tesco and pacify them with a new bracelet each!

So what was so fab about this party I hear you ask? It was on snow, like real snow! In October, in the UK! The party was held at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead which is only about half an hour from where we live and I even used to work in Hemel so I drove past the signs every day for a few years but I had no idea what was lurking down a regular suburban road. The Snow Centre looks amazing from when you first arrive, it is modern, slick and wooden on the outside and as you might expect built into a steep hill!

Then inside there are three levels, on the bottom is the well equipped snow and ski shop, level one has access to the snow slopes and loads of changing room for getting yourself quipped and level two (which was my favourite) was a lovely spacious bar/ cafe with plenty of comfy seating and massive glass viewing windows. I had no idea that the girls and myself would be able to stay and watch JJ partake in his party. Him and 10 little friends had an hours fun on the ringos (large inflatable rings that the kids sit in and slide down the snow). The instructors were very helpful, kid friendly and knew exactly what they were doing.

At one point JJ disappeared from sight and we wondered where he had gone. He had been easy to spot in his black jacket and bright red wellies. It was only on closer inspection that we realised he was now in black snow boots. When I asked him about this later he had got snow in his wellies and the instructor had sorted him out with some snow boots free of charge - a nice little touch which kept this Mummy very happy.

Here is a little video of some of us Mums and siblings watching from the cafe bar. It was good to feel part of it but still be in the nice warm with a cuppa. Feel free to turn the sound off as we were just wittering away!

Once the kids finished on their ringos they came up to the party room and enjoyed a cooked meal, the food was good quality and the little touches provided by the snow centre (balloons, crayons etc) were all well received by the kids. With regard to the actual sport and the party there is nothing I could say a negative word about and I also spoke to the Mum who organised the party and she was completely happy too. The snow centre provides a wide range of childrens parties - snowboarding, ringos, ski lessons.

The Snow Centre For Skiing

Of course the centre is not just for parties, they have a much larger slope which is wonderful for ski lessons if you are thinking of taking the family away for a ski holiday. Whilst we were there we saw loads of adult friends who obviously regularly met there and enjoyed using the centre as a fun day out to socialise and stay fit - just like you would if you had access to a real snow slope I would imagine.

In conclusion the snow centre got a massive thumbs up from our family and when the girls are older I expect we all might go back there and enjoy laughing at each other as we fall over!..... or maybe I will just sit in the cafe and watch dh and the kids and maybe come out onto the viewing balcony once in a while....

This is a sponsored post but as always I remain completely honest.
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