Sunday, 3 October 2010

Busy Living Real Life!


Sorry I have not really been online in the last few days but as you can see from the pictures I have been busy living real life. I realised on Thursday night that I had yet again become too obsessed with being on the PC and checking in with Twitter, FaceBook, blog etc so I decided to have a weekend of moderation. Between Friday morning and now I have probably spent a total of 2 hours on the PC - doing all sorts of things and for me, that is a real difference.

This weekend we have done soft play, play doh, colouring, sticking, been to the park in the pouring rain and got soaked (the kids had a ball), had JJ's birthday cinema and McDonalds party, made a cake, completely trashed the playroom whilst having fun doing make believe, swimming , done some cleaning, had my family over for Sunday roast and dh and I got a night out together last night.

I have to say real life is good fun! I will remember that next time I get too entrenched in what is going on in other people's lives. In my recovery fellowship for compulsive overeating we have a slogan that is 'mind your own business' and that is exactly what I need to do more of. Think about my family and not other peoples, because in my quest to be liked, be part of the gang or the community, to be one of the popular kids (yes often I am transported straight back to secondary school!). I get it wrong and end up looking like a hypocrite. I didn't mean to but that was the way it looked, sorry about that. I suppose that is the problem with Twitter, you butt into a conversation half way through and are not really sure what you are getting yourself into, you make a rash comment and then realise things can really be taken the wrong way. So if I have caused anyone offense on the last few days or you thought I was being hypocritical in a blog comment or tweet then I sincerely apologise it was uncompletely unintentional.

Mich x
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