Friday 15 February 2008

Rubbish blogger

Think I am supposed to be doing this each day............. but I forget and get distracted and all the other excuses. Time is scarce as a mum of a toddler and two babes. Am I really considering going back to work - surley there will be even less time! arrgghh

A smile in the screaming

JJ had me in stitches today and it was really needed. Picture this - a lovely walk home from Morrisons and the swing park and the sun is shining. Twinnie M has been screaming since the park as she needed to sleep but had gone beyond it. So I am about to crack as boy is she loud. When JJ spots some graffiti - a penis! yep you read that right, a penis and balls. He shouts 'look mum it is a pair of sissors' and runs to the wall and trys to grab the balls and shouts 'snip, snip, aren't they clever mummy, drawing those good scissors!'. The joy of being innocent and age 4.

Gave his Mummy a good laugh and he got a big hug and had no idea why!

Sunday 10 February 2008

To share or not to share............

Why am I doing this blog? Who knows really. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I do like to witter to myself. I have a friend who has started one and I am enjoying reading hers, but then she is probably a bit more witty than I am. Really, it is essentially for me as I like to look back over my thoughts and to see how God has spoken to me and answered prayers and I do prefer to do this on the PC.

I also wondered if it might be good for long distance freinds to be able to see what strange things are going through my mind and what our family is up to. I am not entirley sure if I am supposed to write this to myself or to others, so it may swap between the two. I definately feel the need to do this but worry about putting too much personal information on it as I do not want to be tracked down by anyone else. Not after the last contact I received out of the blue of someone pasting together bits of my life. So I will not start linking this to any of the other sites I use, nor mention my surname etc.

So really in answer to my question, I will share this blog (and that feels like added responsiblity as it should be coherent at least if other people will see it!) but only with people who know me well enough not to care how crap it might be at times! lol

Missing my boy!

It is Sunday and he has been gone since Friday lunchtime and already I am missing my noisy and vivacious boy. Never thought I would say that, I used to love getting time without him and having a bit of me time but now it all feels wrong being here with the girls and A and no JJ. I am quite sure he is not feeling the same way as he is having a fab time with Nanny and Grandad H, they went to London yesterday I believe. Nothing planned for today - just some relaxing and a nice roast - then off to see them tomorrow and spend time with my family.

It amazes me how much I have grown to love my children and how I have adapted to being at home with them full-time at the moment. Do I want to go back to work? who knows! One day I think definately yes, I need the time out and some external stimulation and then others I wonder if God is leading me to be at home and take care of my hubby, babies and house. The arrangements for going back to work seem to be falling into place and that is leading me to think it is the right thing - I am sure God will reveal his hand and I will know for sure.