Friday, 3 April 2015

Toast glorious toast

We absolutely love toast in this house. It is such a staple that it would be easy to take it for granted but actually you can have a really great meal based around toast. We try to only have one big meal a day and as my husband eats at work and the kids often eat at school toast is a great item for an easy tea.  I asked my family what their favourite meals were with toast and here is what they said -
  • Miss E - Dippy egg with toast soldiers
  • Miss M - Peanut butter on toast (and some maple syrup too if Mummy lets me)
  • JJ - Beans or spaghetti hoops with grated cheese on the top
  • Daddy - Bacon and a fried egg between two slices of toast

And me, well I have tons of favourites, what about -
  • Beetroot and Brussels Pate
  • Cheese with salad cream
  • Brie and cranberry sauce
  • Marmite with grated cheese
  • Tuna mayo and grated cheddar
  • or you can't beat lastings of real butter and some strawberry jam for breakfast time

“Bread With Jam” by tiverylucky at

Oh yum, I'm feeling hungry just writing those, all so delicious and I also like to make them as sandwiches in our Breville sandwich toaster.

There are of course loads more exotic (or some might say wacky) suggestions that you could try too. Either on toast or inside a toasted sandwich, here are just a few -
  • The American - Peanut butter, banana and jelly
  • The French - Red onion marmalade and Camembert 
  • The Mediterranean - Grilled vegetables (Peppers & courgettes) with herb and goats cheese and a dribble of balsamic vinegar
  • The Caribbean - Grilled shrimps, mango salsa and a squeeze of lime
  • The Italian - Prosciutto ham, mozzarella and sun blushed tomatoes

Of course if you want to make a really decent slice of toast you need a good toaster, It would be easy to think they are all the same but my research shows this is not the case. I've used loads of toasters over the years and you can tell the decent ones. Let me introduce you to the new 2 or 4 slice toaster from Breville, what makes it unique is that it has deep slots and toasts your piece of bread right to the top, even bread that is longer than most like the Warburtons Toastie loaf. I'm over the moon about this as I hate it when you get a piece of white uncooked bread at the top of your toast, it just spoils the overall experience for me. See it in action in this short video clip -

The new 2 and 4 slice toasters from Breville (which are the perfect fit for Warburtons bread) have just gone on sale at and on Amazon. The 2 slice retails for £34.99 and the 4 slice for £59.99. Both are stylish stainless steel and would look good in any top-notch kitchen. They are of course packed with all the features you'd expect from a decent toaster - removable crumb tray, variable width bread slots, defrost and reheat functions, non-slip feet and variable browning but my favourite feature has to be the ability to lift and look at my toast to check how brown it is without cancelling the cycle. I love that!

After writing this I think it will be toast for tea and I'm thinking melted cheddar cheese with pineapple and roasted red peppers might hit the spot for me tonight.

Tell me, what is your favourite topping for your toast?

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