Monday, 17 November 2014

How to make your Christmas wrapping easy and fun

Do you enjoy wrapping the presents?  I know many people don't but I'll be honest with you, I love it, it is probably one of my favourite parts of Christmas, all that anticipation and knowing that I have chosen gifts that will make people smile.  Wrapping my kids presents is the best as I know how chuffed they will be when they rip the paper open on Christmas morning.

I have to be honest, with the kids I don't go in for fancy wrapping with beautiful bows and ribbons as that feels like a waste of money but I do wrap absolutely everything, including the 20-30 stocking gifts each.  I estimate I must wrap at least 140 presents for the kids and before you start to chastise me that I'm spoiling them, I'm talking about wrapping stickers, pencils, chocolate coins etc for their stockings all separately. I don't spend that much on my kids but I do like to put thought into it and make sure they get things they will really enjoy and appreciate.

As I enjoy Christmas present wrapping, I thought I would share my top tips with you, those things I do that make the time go in a flash and transform that big pile of presents above into the finished bundle below-
  1. Pour yourself a nice drink, if I'm daytime wrapping that will be a good old English cuppa but on an evening I'll crack open a bottle of rose wine or maybe pour myself a Baileys.
  2. Put 'It's a Wonderful Life' on the DVD. I love this film, it is such a tear jerker. Every time I watch it I'm captivated again and my faith in the human race is restored. if you can't face anything quite so long or maudlin (at times) then go for a light hearted Christmas comedy like Elf or Jingle all the Way.
  3. If you have a real fire then go ahead and light it, it really adds to the ambiance if you hear the crackle of the logs in the background and even if you don't make sure the heating is on and your room is nice and toasty.
  4. I like to leave my wrapping until I already have the Christmas tree up and then I make sure all the lights are twinkling and adding to the atmosphere.
  5. If I'm wrapping in the evening (and this always used to be my favourite time but now it is harder with the kids getting older and staying up later) I'll order a delivery of Indian or Chinese take-away, and I'll use it as a reward for when I'm about half way through the wrapping. A nice-take is my favourite incentive but yours might be a long bath or another glass of wine, whatever it is plan it for once the wrapping is done.
  6. Buy decent wrapping paper. It is really tempting to pay 50p for 50 metres of paper but realistically you know it was will so thin that it rips in all the wrong places. I find buying decent quality paper a real investment and it saves me time, as you can use an open pair of scissors to just slice down where you need it cut rather than having to actually cut.
  7. Only cut the paper that you need. Do trim off the excess as that is what leaves you with the bulky corners and lumpy sides.
  8. if you have gifts that are difficult to wrap, cut a piece of cardboard to go under it and this makes the wrapping much easier as you have a firm base and can do the nice tight corners.
  9. Make sure you are using Scotch pop-up tape. I've been using this product since it was launched and I swear by it. Yes it might not be as cheap as a conventional roll of tape but the time it saves it brilliant and there are no more teeth marks, sticky finger prints or lost ends. It is simple and genius! Of course it is also fabulous when the kids need to get involved with the wrapping too as you can feel safe knowing it is all ready for them to go ahead and use.
  10. Don't bother with gift tags for the kids. In the last few years I have taken to using three different designs of paper (one for each of my kids) and then they just unwrap the relevant coloured pile as they know it is theirs. again it makes things much easier for me! 
There we have it, ten things that mean I enjoy my wrapping and it is not hard work. Have you got any good tips to add?

For the family I do go a bit more to town and they have nice tags, ribbon and the like but there are far less of those presents. If you are interested in some more lavish wrapping ideas, then check out these posts from some friendly bloggers - 

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Amanda at the Ana Mum Diary is making super printed luggage gift tags and Ali at Kids Chaos gorgeous button craft ones, I'm definitely getting on with some of those!

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You can keep up to date with all that is happening with Scotch Tape on Facebook and Twitter.

You might be interested to hear that Scotch have named Sunday 14th December as National Wrapping Day and if you go and visit their site you can win some great prizes!

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post. I'm happy to be working with Scotch tape and as always will be using it for all my wrapping needs.

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