Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lifes little niggles #Nigglefix

Over the last fifteen years or so I’ve been trying to live a life of gratitude, a positive life were I am a nicer person to be around and where I am more patient and thankful for the people in my life. I’m not going to lie to you it hasn’t all been plain sailing but lots of progress has been made. When I think back to how I used to allow silly things to annoy me and I’m ashamed that I was that same person.

I can now celebrate that most things do not get to me, I can take a Pollyanna stance and choose to be glad instead of sad but I’m only human and there are still some small things, you know some niggles that really get my goat. For instance what about bird’s pooing on your car? There are plenty of other places for them to do their business, don’t they realise that I have no interest in cleaning my car and I have a lot on so I can do without them adding to my workload!

As I think about it, I realise that most of my niggles are to do with my car or driving, this is obviously an area I need to work on. The other day I was pulling out of a parking space and I saw someone turning down my lane so I waited and then they decided they would reverse into a space and it took them an age (back and forwards and back again and you guessed it, once more). They finally parked and I was able to pull out when I then spotted that they had come in a no entry lane and my blood boiled. ‘Frigging driver’ I moaned to myself and carried on. It is only when Miss M asked me what frigging means, that I had to explain it is not a nice word and Mummy really shouldn’t have said that and she should forget it.

We get further down the road and I’m about to pull out of the retail park onto a roundabout, all clear for me to the right, I have right of way so off I go and quick brake slam, someone pulls out to my left and stops so I can’t get off the roundabout onto my exit as they are blocking it. Seeing red once again I beep and shout ‘you twat’ to which Miss M reminds me that really isn’t a nice word and I shouldn’t be saying it. Again I apologise and we move on in silence and then a few minutes later Miss M tells me maybe I shouldn’t drive as it makes me cross and I keep swearing. Oh dear, they do say our little ones teach us valuable lessons.

Anyway enough about me I asked a few friends what the little niggles were in everyday life that really get on their nerves and here is what they said –

Sonya at Rock n Roll Mum – “I get pedestrian rage when people stop suddenly right in front of me on the pavement, or weave around all over the place so I can't squeeze past them, I want them to instigate slow and fast lanes like in swimming pools!”

Emma at Mummy Savvy Savings – “That my children rip open boxes especially cereal boxes so that they cannot be closed with the little tabs all neat. So frustrating.”

Carolin at Mummy Alarm – “People who do things in slow motion, e.g. simple things that could be done in 20 seconds and they take 5 minutes to do it. Annoys me so much, I think I'm just impatient.”

Sarah at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too – “People who don't return your call. It's so frustrating, especially companies who say 'we'll call you back' but don't actually bother.“

Andrea at All you need is Love and Cake – “Bigoted idiots on Facebook, who you can't delete as it would cause too much trouble”

Mary at Keynko – “People unable to park between the lines in a car park!” 

Penny at Parentshaped – “People who obsess over grammar, it's not that I don't think it is important, but I think there are more important things to worry about. Plus it can be patronising, we all make mistakes and not everyone is given the same access to education.”

Ali at Kids Chaos “My husband's bike being kept in the kitchen when me and the kids keep ours under bike covers in the front garden? grrrr…”

So it turns out that we all have niggles in all different areas of our lives and Triumph found the same too when they did some research. In fact one of the top ones with women was pokey wires in bras and this is definitely an issue I have. Thank the Lord they have found a fix to this and there is no longer any need to have red marks under your armpits as you get poked or rubbed. The new magic wire bra alleviates this and is created to be a comfortable wear.

What are your niggles?
Triumph are really interested to hear about your little niggles and want you to tweet @triumphuk them using the #nigglefix hashtag as they say a niggle shared is a niggle halved and you never know, they have manged to sort the bra issue, maybe someone can sort your niggle. I'm thinking I might have to sort my own driving issues very soon or I'll end up with potty mouthed kids!

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