Thursday, 4 July 2013

I can't believe I've been missing out on Quidco! are you?

Am I the only one who isn't using a cashback site to earn money on my online purchases? It certainly feels that way - I'm way behind the times.  I mentioned Quidco to a few friends today at lunch and they were all very blasé and said 'yes they knew about it and had an account'. One friend shops with Amazon practically every other day and she was very happy to boast about all the cashback she has received.

It appears my friends (and me now too, I joined up today) are in good company using Quidco along with about another 3 million people. I have always avoided cash-back sites assuming they had nothing to offer me, I much prefer to go shopping and hardly ever buy anything online but boy do I realise I have been missing out.

I had a good tour of Quidco today and discovered that Quidco has online voucher codes for discount from places that I do use like Pizza Express and printable vouchers too, I spotted a fab one for 25% off your bill at Ask. I came off my laptop feeling a little (OK, a lot) sorry that I had not discovered Quidco before as I could have been £252 better off. Can you believe it?  We spent just over £4000 at Oak Furniture Land about a month ago for furniture for our new house and I could have had 6% cashback just for using the link from Quidco to their site.

What's the catch I started to wonder? Would I have paid more for the furniture if I had followed that link, would there be additional terms, or a delivery charge, or something?  But no, it is all above board, I would have received the same great deal as I got directly (half-price sale you see) but the company would have paid a referral fee to Quidco and they pass that on to me. And on to you as well if you use them, last year alone they paid out 50 million in cashback to their members.

As I explored the site more I got further cross within myself. In the last month I have spent money with M&S, H Samuel, Cineworld, Debenhams and Halfords and all of these offer cashback and the majority of them offer in store cashback, which means I just have to use my registered credit or debit card and Quidco will automatically track that and pay me the cashback - I really have been missing out!  No more, I swear, I'll be looking on Quidco before I spend a penny in future.

There is so much I can do using Quidco, I can get cashback for ordinary items that I might buy as part of my grocery shopping by using the Clicksnap feature either online or via an iPhone or Android app which shows me all the deals and then takes a photo of my receipt and uploads it.

There are over 3500 retailers available via Quidco and as you can see by the big names I have already mentioned these are places than average people like us shop. Quidco say that the average cashback for a single person in a year is £280 and for a family that rises to £780. That is equivalent to a free weekend away and not to be missed I reckon.

Are you expecting a baby soon?
Quidco have a special offer running at the moment too, which is very cool. To celebrate the birth of William and Kate's new baby they will be giving away £1000 in cashback to one pair of lucky parents whose baby is born on the same day as the Royal babe. 11th July 2013 is the official due date for Kate but we know that these babies have their own agenda and turn up whenever they fancy.  So it could be tomorrow or it could be as long as a month.

But basically if you are having a baby sometime soon, I'd keep your ear to the ground and see if the Royal baby has been born and if it has then you need to upload a picture of your new arrival to for your chance to win £1K in cashback! Just think how much baby stuff that will buy!

I'm honestly flabbergasted with the amount I can potentially earn just by logging into my Quidco account before I go shopping, I'd recommend you have a look and see what you can earn too.

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