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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BritMums Imperfect Parenting Carnival

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Hello and welcome to this years BritMums Imperfect Parenting carnival, this is the third year I've put this carnival together and as ever I've really enjoyed travelling around all your posts and finding out what you think makes you an imperfect parent. You might have read before that my personal parenting stance is that I am a 'good enough' parent, I don't need to be perfect but I am perfect for my kids and when I trust my instincts then things go right and my children have exactly what they need. No one said being a parent is easy but they do say it is rewarding and there is nothing more rewarding than some of those little things they say and do. Recent examples from my own kids -

Miss E - 'Mummy I want big and wild hair like yours, you are so beautiful'
Miss M - 'You are the bestest Mum ever'
JJ - 'Can we have a snuggle please Mum?' (not every near 10 year old boy still asks that)

But enough about me and my kids, this is all about you and it has proved a very popular carnival indeed, thanks for the recommendations -

Parenting Styles
Morgana starts us off with a super post about why she is a fully paid up member of the Bad Mums Club.  I enjoyed this post but I do have to disagree with her, I don't think she is a bad Mum at all, just one retaining her sanity. Galina then shares with us her guilty secret, she can't resist the tat at the 99p store - oh how I can relate to that.

Shea from the Honey Badger of West London sent me a post from her archives and it is a good one, she talks about how it is best not to goggle any type of parenting style or preference as for sure you will find those supporting you and an expert to tell you it is the best thing ever but there are also those raving loonies that oppose everything and make you start to doubt yourself.

Ohh I really like this post from A to Z Mummy she seems to hold the same parenting philosophy as me and gets that we are all beautifully imperfect. She urges that we all, as parents to dump the doubt and guilt and give ourselves a break, I say Amen to that! Then Her Melness speaks shares with us a little tale from the past - the birthday party and she questions what on earth she was thinking getting caught up with the Jones?

GG from Actually Mummy gives us a little insight of what it is like to live with her Mummy and funnily enough those outbursts sound a little like my house too, I must remember about the apology chocolate though. Talk of apologies I think Cathie from Antics of Lucas needs to say a little sorry to her son, or scrap that am I just jealous of her savvy parenting?

I'm glad to read that Suzanne at Three Children and It agrees with me, she says that 'you are the best parent for your child'. Her post titled 'Learning to enjoy the ride' takes us back to the 1989 Steve Martin film Parenthood and she muses if there is a right way when it comes to parenting?  All the courses I have been on teach that there is but I'm not so convinced and nor if Nat at Just Because I love, she shares with us an excellent post about what she feeds her kids for their lunch and you know what?  I want to go to her house!

The fun of being a parent
Joanne from Mummy Moo jumped in with a short post about her faux pas as a Mummy. Turning up at school with a fat lip, one shoe and a bag of food - yep sounds a pretty normal morning! Talking of normal, it is funny how things change once you become a parent, you find yourself saying all these things you never imagined you would, just have a read what Leoni said in one day alone in this great post titled 'Don't stand on your sisters head'.

It is super to have a Daddy join in with the carnival. From a Daddy sent me his post 'The wrong choice' and it was interesting to read that dads go through that parent guilt too. Talking of wrong choices, Cheryl at a Time to Craft made me smile with her post about going off plan and I was holding my breath worrying as I read abut Vintage Folly and her daughter on the school walk home.

Parenting challenges
We all know that as long as we get enough sleep we can cope with anything, well what happens when we are not getting enough sleep? We get crabby, our kids get crabby and it just gets worse, thankfully Mummy Tries seems to have broken the difficult cycle and her first born is now getting a full nights sleep and I pray she is too - well until her newborn arrives!

I tweeted for entries for this carnival and quick as anything Karen from Would like to be a Yummy Mummy tweeted me with a link to The day I burnt my daughter, I hope she is not still beating herself up a year after this incident. I expect we all have something in our back catalogue that is similar, I once popped JJ's elbow and then put him to bed, not realising what had happened! whoops

Next up is a post that any twin parent can relate to, it is so easy to get them mixed up, especially when they are identical. I don't even have that excuse and it still happens here, then when cross I get particularly mixed up and find myself shouting "JJ, Miss M, Miss E oh whoever you are, stop it!". Then Mari reminds us yet again why two is more fun than one, when you are having those inappropriate conversations in the supermarket, surely what is needed is an echo?

We all try our hardest
This is supposed to be a carnival about imperfect parenting but I actually think the next couple of posts show us great parents.  First Daft Mamma sticks two fingers up to house sorting and cleaning and says surely it is more important she interacts with her kids and enjoys them while the are young.  Great philosophy I say! Then Mummy Makes Cakes shares a post about missing the signs that her little one had glue ear.

I mentioned there might be some posts that make you cry and if you are anything like me this will be the one, this next post is so brilliantly written by MrBoosMum and you really feel the hell she is giving herself right now but I think every one of us reading this post will agree, it is not her fault!

I saw the title of this next post 'Reasons why my son is crying' and thought 'oh dear, this sounds a sad one'.  I was quite glad to read the post from Rachel at Three Years and Home and find it was actually one that made me chuckle and so glad I don't have a 2 year old anymore! Here is another humorous one from Charly at PODcast, sudocream anyone?

It's not just us Mummy's that are imperfect, oh no the Dads are right there with us. Rachel from U, me and the kids is off to stay with a friend for a fab fun night away.  So much preparation has to go into getting her husband ready to look after the kids though and even then she might need to remember to silence her phone or she'll be sure to receive an inappropriate call during the Kings of Leon finale!

I'll finish up with a post from Just Breath where Orli questions why we feel so pressured to be perfect and she gets off her chest all the things that make her a perfect poster girl for imperfect parenting, I suspect what she is not telling us is all the wonderful times with her small people and how much she loves them. Everyone Else is Normal agrees and she writes a super post (doesn't she always) about the good enough Mums club. Have a read, you won't be disappointed.

If you have enjoyed reading or joining in with this BritMums Carnival then join in with the next one at Mummy Alarm on 16th July, send your entries over to Carolin.mader@yahoo.co.uk and the theme is Summer holiday fun.

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