Friday, 24 May 2013

The BritMums Butterflies are here for you...

I seriously cannot wait to attend BritMums Live this year, there are lots of reasons -
  • I'll have finished work by then and be moving house the next week
  • I'm speaking on a panel about working with charities and using your blog for the greater good
  • I'm a Brilliance in Blogging finalist and the award ceremony is on the Friday night
  • I could make some great new brand relationships - I became a Butlins Ambassador after last years BML and take my review holiday very soon
  • I'm looking forward to the photography session and the key note speeches from Kirstie Allsop and Katie Piper
but most of all the thing I love about this conference is that I get to spend time with bloggy friends - old and new. Last year I was an honorary butterfly and I spent the first couple of hours of the conference greeting people, it was amazing to meet all these super folks that I tweet and chat with online and to put some faced to names.

This year I have taken the plunge and said I'll be a full-grown butterfly - just look at me! Aren't I a pretty colour? Think I might have to try and wear that shade of pink to the conference so you recognise me.

So who are the butterflies and what do we do?

This year there will be six full-time butterflies and we will flit (yep, you bet I've been practising and fly (hmm, well maybe not!) around the conference.

We will all be there at the start of the conference to greet you and to introduce you to some other bloggers who feel the same as you (perhaps a little nervous or just new to the scene). Our aim is to find you someone to chat to and to make sure you feel comfortable to enjoy your time at BritMums Live.

A few of us will be around every break time and we will have a clearly marked butterfly stall in the main hall - come and enjoy tea and cakes with us and again we'll fix you up with someone new to chat with.  We all have blogging in common after all, so we need never be short of conversation.

Then in many of the rooms during the conference you will find a butterfly table. This will either be manned by one of us and we can do the introductions or it will be sitting ready for you to go over and sit at and this acts as an indication for other bloggers that you want to chat to them. It's like an 'I'm friendly!' flag.

The other butterflies are -

Clare at Seasider in the City

Michelle at The American Resident

Anya at Older Single Mum

Gemma at Hello Its Gemma

Penny at A Residence

Sophie at Super Amazing Mum

Take a peek at the butterflies, so you can recognise us on the day -

What do you need to do now?
  1. Tweet @Michelloui and ask her to add you to the BritMums Butterflies list on Twitter.  You can follow the others on the list and tweet a 'hello' to a few of them. Check out the list -
  2. Whilst you are on twitter, tweet us using the hashtag #britmumsbutterlfies and we'll chat to you
  3. Plan your time for BritMums Live, make sure you know at least a few sessions you will go to. Being prepared can make all the difference and stop you feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Arrange to meet someone at the tube station/ in a cafe.  There will be loads of informal meet ups going on before the conference start.  Don't assume everyone else knows someone, they don't. If you see a meet up being organised on twitter/ in a FB group just be really brave and jump in and ask if you can join.  That is what I do and it works.
  5. Come and join us on the BritMums Butterflies facebook group, we would love to chat to and get to know you a little before the conference.

I fully believe that BritMums Live will be EPIC again this year, I can't wait to see you there.

Mich x

I'll leave you with a picture of the lovely Super Amazing Mum and me at BritMums Live last year and if you want to read how I found the conference then check out this post from last year.


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