Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A different kind of working day

Have you ever felt that you just need a break from the norm of your job?  I know I have and I'm sure most people feel the same. At SSE all 22,000 staff have the opportunity to have that day out and to be a part of their 'Community at Heart' scheme. Basically all staff can go out and do something they feel passionate about for a not-for-profit group, organisation or charity of their choice. It may be one person working on the project or it could be a whole team. I love the idea of this, it really sits well with my personal ethos.

I was sent a short video showing some of the SSE staff volunteering at the Greyhound Rescue centre in Fife. Take a look, this will give you a flavour of what is achieved through this 'Community at Heart' scheme. The Fife greyhound rescue centre homes around 40-50 dogs at a time and here they have a meaningful life where they are loved and well-cared for. Whilst at the centre they will be vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas and often neutered and then they are put up for adoption and hopefully re homed.

I know first-hand the benefits these kind of schemes can have on moral for employees, as my husbands work operates something similar and last year he took my son to work in a London city farm project for the day, what a ball they had working side by side and at the end of the day enjoying the fruits of their labour.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation reading this then there is very good news for you.  You can apply directly for some volunteers to come and help you with a particular need you might have. This does not just mean physical bodies turning up and putting their hand to whatever you need, your requirement might be more about ideas or business help and SSE are open to all suggestions.  Just email them direct on

For more information about SSE, have a look at their Comunity at Heart webpage and to stay up to date you can follow them on twitter.

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