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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

@BritMums Imperfect Parenting Carnival 2012

A real life perfect family!  (Stop sniggering back there.....)

Hello fellow imperfect parents or should I just call you normal and average parents?  Yes that sounds about right, because let's face it we all all imperfect.  We try our absolute best and some of us even aim for perfection but rarely do we reach that heady height and it does not matter a jot!

We hug our kids
We play with our kids
We feed and cloth them
We work to earn enough money to give them the necessities
We discipline them as best we can
We try to teach them to be good people and
We listen to them and that folks is what good enough parenting is all about!

So welcome to our annual meet-up, where we come together and share our tales of woe, some of which will make you smile and others will have you cringing but it is pretty near guaranteed that you will be able to relate to them all.

Mum of Three World is having a bit of a week of it, the kids may have outgrown the baby stage now but she is finding it hard to lose the 'baby brain'.

Something different now with Muddling Along Mummy reminding us that there is no 'bog standard' child and therefore there is no bog standard reply for how to deal with them either.

Mummy Alarm agrees and also posted on the same subject, that old emotive subject of sleep, or rather lack of it!

HollyBobb's gives us a super reminder that children are not born with manners, patience nor the ability to entertain themselves for hours on end.  These are things that are taught and learnt...  and that takes time!

Just this week Mummy Mummy Mum has been wondering if she should continue with the quest to be perfect. What amazing pressures us women try and put on ourselves!

Super Mummy goes to the other extreme and regals us with a tale of an average weekend. Naked kids, unbrushed teeth and TV anyone?

Multiple Mummy has been beating herself up for being a bad parent but it sounds as if her hubbie keeps her feet firmly on the ground. She has been amazed to learn that her 3 year old is clever enough to manipulate her and nursery.  Err yes, sounds about right to me.  Clever little souls these kids.

A new blogger to me, Dragons and Fairy Dust says she just had to join in with our carnival as she knows she is not a perfect parent, however much she tries.  Join the rest of us love. Her trip down memory lane reminds us all to chat to our kids about the importance of sticking with Mummy.

The Bizzy Mum wonders if all Mums suffer with the guilt gene or if it is just her?  Speaking from personal experience I can relate to that and I stand here in a room of imperfect parents and shout 'yes I love to get away from the kids sometimes, they can drive me nuts!'.  Anyone with me?

A little warning for us all from VegemiteVix, these kids of ours are smart and in the end they always bust us!

Lakes Single Mum lets shows us just what an average morning looks like on a school day.  Now why is it they get up early and perfectly on a weekend when we want a lie in but on a school morning, ohh no!

I had to smile (a lot) at this post from Casa Costello, a professional cake maker by trade and you know what her baby daughter wants to eat?  I'll let you go see..

I, Mummy shares with us what happens when  mummy gets too tired that she can not function.  I love the fact she was panicking about a thick fog and then realised it was a dirt sheen on her glasses - classic!

Smiling Like I Mean It shares with us that imperfect parents tell fibs and worse than that their kids fess them up....  oh the shame!

and I suppose I should not close the carnival without giving you one of my tales of woe.  Here I talk about Miss M, my little blond bombshell and what a pickle she can be!

There we come to the end.  Loads of different takes on the subject of Imperfect parenting but all proving one point, that none of us are perfect and that what we do is good enough! That said if you do fancy earning some perfect parents points with the kids you could head over to Red Ted Art and check out her lovely craft for Angry Birds.

Be blessed this week, Mich x

This post is part of the @BritMums 2 weekly carnivals. The next carnival will be published on 17th April at Mummy's Little Monkey.

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