Sunday, 12 February 2012

I asked him to marry me with a sweetie!

I have been with my dh for a long time, we got together on 28th December 1994, he rescued me from a wet and windy pier and a horrid creepy guy.  He was my hero! OK scrub that, he still is my hero.

With Valentines day just a couple of days away I felt a bit nostalgic and was thinking back over our eventful relationship together. In 1999 dh asked me to marry him when we were on holiday in Tenerife, I said yes,  I had been waiting quiet a while for that proposal.  It was very romantic- late at night and we were sat at the waters edge looking at a beautiful sunset.  He asked me if I could see where the sea met the sky and replied no. He told me he loved me that much, further than we could ever see. It may sound corny to you but that was possibly one of the most lovely, unprompted things dh has ever said to me.  He is not much of a talker you see.

Like any relationship ours was not perfect and there was stuff we needed to work on and work through.  So our planned wedding for 2001 was called off in 2000 and we worked on our relationship and fell in love all over again. As our wedding and thus engagement had been called off dh told me that he had done his part and whenever I was ready to commit again and get married I would need to do the asking.  Ekk, I had never been one of those girls who wanted to do the proposing, but in September 2001 (when we should have been getting married) I did just that.

I thought long and hard about how I would propose to dh, how would I make my proposal different to his, without upstaging it but still making it very special? I thought at the time I had a very unique idea but I now know that lots of people do the same.

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I recall talking the day off work without dh knowing and spending the whole day cleaning our flat and cooking a special dinner. I enjoyed primping and preening myself and getting ready with anticipation for my big night. I sent dh a text to let him know what time to come home and when he arrived at the front door of our flat he was greeted with a surprise envelope on the front door, containing a single love heart sweet, I cannot recall what the caption was, but something along the lines of Be Mine.  There was then two more doors that he had to pass through to get into our flat and you guessed it, they also had envelopes with a single sweet in too.

When he walked in the flat, there was I all ready and I handed him the last sweet, the one that said Marry Me.  Luckily he said yes and in July we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

Are you thinking about popping the question?  I can certainly recommend using Love Heart sweets to do the job for you.  It is nice and quirky but if you are a bit more modern than me then you could think about using the new Love Hearts love messaging app on Facebook.

I received some love heart sweets to review and instead of eating them myself (which I could easily do, as I love them) I am giving the large I Love You tube to dh for Valentines Day in the hope that he thinks back to the early days and shows me how much he loves me.  Then the lovely vintage tin of mini sweets is being used next week for Church, it fits in well with a lesson about a Christian survival kit and how every person needs a reminder of God's unfailing love.

Disclaimer:  This is a review post
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