Thursday, 26 May 2011

#R2BC - Recommend a New Blogger Edition

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Hello all, Welcome to reasons to be cheerful or #R2BC.  I hope you are all feeling super happy this week? I am a tad grumpy today, I have a headache and think I need to catch up on some sleep, so that is tonight's task - long bath, read a good book and early night.  The PC will firmly remain off!  Thinking about it, that is a reason to be cheerful in itself isn't it? Sounds like a great night.

Seeing as I was feeling grumpy I thought I would use this weeks post to recommend some new bloggers to you, those who have made me cheerful when I have visited and found them recently.

Why don't you join me and recommend one or two new blogs on your post this week?

Let's share the blogger love....

Dorky Mum - First came to my attention when she joined in with my @BritMums Imperfect Parenting Carnival held earlier this week.  Then I read a fantastic post about her relationship with her husband who is 35 years older than her.

Actually Mummy - A blog written from the viewpoint of a 6 year old loquacious schoolgirl (I am not even clever enough to know what that means!) I love the fun notes she writes to her Mummy and her recent stories of mummy being a rock star at Wembly and the chocolate she receives when Mummy feels guilty make for great reading.

Perfectionist Mum - Commented on my blog a few days back and I love finding good new blogs in this way. I had no trouble relating to a recent post where Thea talks about her challenging daughter and how she has to accept she cannot be a text book perfect Mum. Thea's blog is a resource to help her and other parents to learn to stop putting so much pressure on themselves to be the perfect parent.  I know I will be visiting often.

So there we go, three great new blogs for you to check out and spread some blogger love to.  Just remember what goes around comes around and I have found that by reachignout to new bloggers I gain so much in return.

You know the routine by now, link your happy/ gratitude post up and go and visit others. If you are new to #R2BC then welcome, check this page out and see how it all happens.

Oh and I realised that I have not been linking over to Maxabella's just recently, so I am putting that right again today.  Over in Oz there is a very similar (but longer running, more slick...  you get the picture) linky running, so join up there too and make some new friends across the other side of the world!

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