Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Child of the 80's

I have been reminiscing just recently. I think I have got to that age when you start to look back and realise there is a fair amount of time to look over. Now I am not saying I am old you understand, but the photo albums really are piling up now! Yes I am that sad/ anal/ outdated/ old/ behind the times that I still get prints done and then file them all away nicely in an album. I just find they get looked at more that way.

I am a child of the 80's (well born in the 70's but my formative years were in the 80's) and this means that I look back very fondly on this time. Rubix cubes, Fame the series, Wham, Duran Duran, Relax, Rimmel pink shimmer lipstick, white must Body Shop Perfume, big perms a la Sharon from Eastenders, Chopper bikes, break dancing on pieces of lino at street corners etc etc

If any of these things mean anything to you then it probably means you are similar in age to me (I am 37 in case you are wondering!) and congratulations as I think this is a great age. I am really enjoying my 30's and despite the fact that 40 is getting closer and closer I am not worried. The kids certainly keep me young.

One of the things that dh and I love to look back at (and the kids are starting to enjoy too!) are all the old childrens programs on TV. Nick Jnr do a fab amount of re-runs of old childrens TV shows in the evening and then of course there is youtube where you can catch up to your hearts delight. I particularly always loved Mr Ben. Perhaps I wanted to secretly escape and turn up somewhere else in a new outfit! Dh likes Chorlton and the Wheelies and Camberwick Green himself!

Along the same lines I love to look at the old adverts as well. My absolute all time favourite is the little red alien robot - if I said 'For mash, get smash!' it might ring some bells. Coming a close second is the Honey Monster, he seemed to constantly be on the telly when I was a kid with some cool giveaway in his box of cereals - swap cards, little animal toys, magic paper etc etc

So here is a youtube clip to transport you right back, one of the original ones -

Me personal favourite - Honey Monster does Bond - 007!

and here we are bang up to date! the latest advert from the Honey Monster. Notice how different he looks form the original advert. Much better, I never realised he was so Hermon Monster when I was a kid!

So what about you, what is your favourite memory from the 80's? Did you like the adverts? or the cheese they showed on the TV?
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